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An offer from the Worms Magnus community

Franziska Schwarz and Jan Endres built the box and set it up in the Magnuskirche. (Photo: Magnus and St. Matthew's Church)

WORMS » Due to the corona crisis, many offers of the churches are currently only taking place in the digital space. But older people in particular often find it difficult to find their way around the Internet.

Therefore, the Magnus congregation now offers everyone who prefers to pray analogue the opportunity to throw their prayers in the Magnuskirche in a box lovingly designed by Vicarin Franziska Schwarz and her friend Jan Endres. Notes and pens are available next to the box in the entrance area.

The thrown prayers are then recited on the homepage. In this way, people can virtually connect in prayer. The Magnuskirche is open every day between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. for silent prayer; compliance with the distance rules is requested.

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