Nairobi (TEH) – In Kenya, fashion and furniture designers use their craft to produce masks for poor Kenyans in slums in times of the Corona crisis. “Our mission is to try to put these masks in the hands and on the faces of vulnerable people to get, “explains furniture maker Sara Reeves. “The more people wear masks, the better it is for all of us in Kenya.” Recently, all people in Kenya have had to wear masks in public – but very few can afford one. Especially in slums in Nairobi, residents often live in confined spaces with poor hygiene and little financial reserves.

So far, there have been at least 158 ​​confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kenya and there is great concern that the health system and the economy are difficult under another Reeves usually makes furniture with her company Love Artisan in a small workshop in Nairobi, but because of the Corona crisis, she had to close it. You and your employees are now using your time, sewing machines and scraps of cloth for something good. For every mask she sold, she donated one, Reeves explains, so far she has produced around 500 and another 700 would follow this week.

The masks – made of colorful Kitenge fabrics typical of East Africa – are initially donated to traders and artisans in the vicinity of their workshop, who often live in slums, have little protection against COVID-19 and are already in economic need, as Reeves explains Kenyan designers have launched similar initiatives, such as the Lilabare fashion brand. She usually sells clothes, but now produces masks – 10 percent of the masks sold is donated to poorer people, according to Love Artisan’s initiative on the government spokesman’s Instagram tweet about the mask requirement

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