OSTHOFEN / EICH – The Alphorn Whispering Osthofen offers the residents of several old people’s homes in Wonnegau a little variety in a difficult time. With their imposing instruments, they placed themselves in front of facilities in Osthofen, Westhofen, and Eich and let them sound – if, due to the contact restrictions, only two instead of the usual three.

“We thought that this would be a welcome addition to the day for the residents,” said alphorn player Kristine Weitzel after the short appearance. “It is an irreplaceable joy for the residents who have been forcibly locked up for three weeks and are unable to receive any relatives,” said Hung Soon Holker from the Altenpflegezentrum in Eich.

And who knows, maybe that wasn’t the last appearance before the geriatric. “Let’s see how it goes on,” said Kristine Weitzel. Maybe one will come again. “It doesn’t cost us much, we enjoy playing and the residents enjoy it.”

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