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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Ronaldinho is under house arrest for $ 1.6 million

Asunción – Surprisingly, former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho has been released from house arrest in Paraguay.

The two-time world footballer and world champion from 2002, as well as his brother and manager Roberto Assis, were released from prison after paying a security deposit of $ 1.6 million, the prosecutor said. You can now wait for the further procedure in a hotel in the capital Asunción. Ronaldinho and Roberto are under the supervision of the police and are not allowed to leave the country. The Brazilian portal “Globoesporte” reported that the defense wanted to get the final release. If convicted, there is a risk of five years in prison. Ronaldinho had been sitting for almost 30 days because of the entry into Paraguay with fake passports, which he and his brother claimed to have been given by business partners. In the neighboring country, they wanted to participate in the opening of a casino and several charity events, as well as to advertise Ronaldinho’s biography.

At first, it looked as if the Asunción posse was over quickly. However, the case involved extensive investigations with numerous arrests. The ex-Barca professional celebrated his 40th birthday in custody. Finally, because of the Corona crisis, it seemed as if there was no prospect of being released. On Tuesday there was a hearing in Asunción via video. Ronaldinho and Roberto were added. Her lawyers had failed three times to get the brothers out of prison. As can be seen from the recent statement by the public prosecutor, the amount of the deposit offered was decisive for the fact that it worked this time. “Previously, they gave a house as security that didn’t even go in the name of the two,” prosecutor Oscar Legal was quoted after the hearing. “Now the defense has opened a bank account on behalf of the two and deposited the money.”

Qamar Munawer
Qamar Munawer
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