Frankfurt / Main – Because of the severe financial impact of the Corona crisis, Eintracht Frankfurt has now also adopted a comprehensive package of measures for economic consolidation.

The club announced that the board, the licensed players, the sports management, the coaching team and the division heads of the Hessian Bundesliga soccer team waived 20 percent of their salary for three months.

Likewise, the paid executive board members, the management and the management of the performance centre will forego salary components of the same amount. Also, about a third of the employees of Fussball-AG and e.V. will go on short-time work. Besides, the other employees voluntarily waive their salary. Thanks to these measures, according to CFO Oliver Frankenbach, a short-term financial gap of at least 15 million euros can almost be closed.

«We are going through this difficult time together. We know that many employees make their contribution in many different ways. We in sports also see ourselves as responsible here, “said Eintracht sports director Fredi Bobic and praised:” The discussions with the players were very positive. Everyone has a great understanding and feeling for their role and responsibility. »

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