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Sunday, September 24, 2023


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Sports«We worry about every sport»

«We worry about every sport»

Berlin – DOSB boss Alfons Hormann sees the entire German sport in the crisis in the face of the corona pandemic.

«That may sound hard now, but there is currently no sport that we are not worried about. Everyone has problems in their own way, »said the President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation in an interview with the magazine« Sponsors ».

«Some sports were at the end of the season, others at the beginning. Overall, however, it is difficult to segment which sports are particularly strong and which are only partially affected by the crisis, said Hormann and emphasized: “Corona leaves deep and lasting traces everywhere.”

Sports Germany is currently an image of the entire country. All restrictions that currently exist “ensure that sports Germany is currently waiting for the day on which activities are possible,” said the DOSB boss.

It was “very gratifying that there are countless rescue parachutes that are being discussed nationally,” said Hormann. Politicians have shown themselves to be “very constructive” at the federal level, the 59-year-old politician and entrepreneur acknowledged.

“For example, there is a promise that the funds that would have been necessary for the Olympic delegation to Tokyo this year or other pots reserved for competitive sports that cannot now be spent will be used for other emergency measures,” said Hormann. “Last but not least, there are also clear signals from sports policy and budgetary policy that if the crisis continues to develop like this, the last word has not yet been spoken.”

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