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Andrea Bocelli sings in Milan for hope

Milan (TEH) – The tenor Andrea Bocelli gave a special Easter concert in the empty Milan Cathedral. The 61-year-old sang the aria “Sancta Maria” by the Italian composer Pietro Mascagni on Sunday. Bocelli was accompanied by the organist of the cathedral. He later sang the English song “Amazing Grace” outside with a view of the cathedral square.

The blind classic star from Italy had titled him about half-hour event with “Music For Hope”. His country was particularly hard hit by the Corona crisis, which killed almost 20,000 people and was streamed on his YouTube channel. As can be seen there, at times more than two million people watched the concert.

Because of the health crisis, no listeners were admitted to the church in the center of the Lombard metropolis. Space was also largely empty. Bocelli, who had been blind since childhood, had become a world star in 1996 with the anthem “Time To Say Goodbye.” Bocelli on Youtube

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