Italy feels its way in very small steps – with different corona regimes in almost every region.

Italy is now becoming a puzzle, a patchwork of patches with different corona regimes in almost every region after all the measures had applied equally for more than a month. In some regions, the Roman government is going too far in the decision to relax the lockdown, even if it is only a very subtle opening: recently bookstores, stationery shops, and shops with children’s clothing have been opened. In Lombardy, everything should remain blocked for the time being. This also has to do with the latest figures, which promise a clear improvement for Bergamo and Brescia; in Milan, however, the number of reported infections and deaths is growing faster than expected. Shops are also closed in Piedmont, Trentino, and Lazio.

Other regions find Rome too hesitant, insisting on a faster transition to “phase two”. In Veneto, which got the crisis under control better than Lombardy, you can now jog outside of a radius of 200 meters from home, but not much further. Governor Giovanni Toti has one in Liguria Linea apertures decided – a pun out aperture, Opening, and turista: All activities related to tourism should be gently run, the beaches cleaned, the baths painted, the gardens prettied up. The goal is to be ready should there be a swimming season this year.

It is controversial how quickly all industries that the government does not consider indispensable should be started up again. The virologists in the team of advisors urge the greatest possible caution because one is still in the middle of the “phase uno”. Meanwhile, more than 21,000 people have died of COVID-19 in Italy, with around 500 more deaths every day. But the new reconstruction task force and workers’ organizations are pushing. The fashion industry, furniture designers and car manufacturers are expected to return to work as early as April 20. Schools and universities will remain closed until September.

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