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Russia – traffic jams in front of Moscow’s metro – politics

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Long queues formed at many Moscow subway stations on Wednesday. Photos and videos of crowds circulating on the Internet crowded in underpasses in front of the entrances. “If you are not yet sick, it will be safe now,” wrote a Twitter user. There has been a curfew in the Russian capital since the end of March.

Those who need medical help, go shopping or are indispensable at work can still go out. Since Wednesday, however, everyone has to register their journey by metro, bus, taxi or own car and then receives a digital pass from the city. Because the police checked these passports at stops and on the street, traffic jams occurred in many places. Later Mayor Sergej Sobjanin wrote that the subway entrances were now free again.

He asked the police to organize controls differently in the future. In Moscow alone, there are now almost 15,000 people infected, and the number is currently increasing every day.



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Jasbir Singh
Jasbir Singh
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