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Monday, February 6, 2023

The faces of selfishness

The selfishness of these rulers focuses on how to save "their economy" and their political power to make it grow or, at least, so that it does not shrink

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, as you like to call it, still means an attack on life, with greater extension and precision, where life is less protected. The statistics do not say it (they are silent), the people who enter the statistics shout it with pain, without having requested it.

And those who manage to get out of the statistics are because they go to their quarantined houses, to cemeteries, to mass graves or the streets, the worst destiny of the victims of selfishness, embodied in people who enjoy political privileges and immunities.

Some people use the face of the Biblical Good Thief (they declare themselves Christians), to offer the face of good thieves. They are guilty because they did not take precautions against the pandemic. That also makes them responsible for the fact that the first world, the second and the third, ceased to exist to merge into a single world of suffering.

And they will continue to melt into a single world of injustices, not only for those who died during the pandemic but also for those who are dying daily and … for those of us in waiting rooms around the world.

It is not a curse, but the consequences of an unjust policy of those who, with their manifest selfishness, both due to their lack of prevention and their lack of humanism, do not prioritize life but they do stimulate death.

During the planetary tragedy, the interest of many rulers is not so much to find an antidote, but much concern to save their economies, today in recession.

Capitalism and selfishness are not synonyms in the dictionaries, but something else in reality: neither could be what they are and the one without the other cannot exist, because both are motivated by self-interest, never by others.

Nothing new in devout rulers (even fanaticism) of the economy goddess. Even those fanatics are among the rulers of countries with sick economies, without the need for any pandemic to appear.

Those, we see right here. The selfishness of these rulers focuses on how to save “their economy” and their political power to make it grow or, at least, so that it does not shrink as much.

As it is about selfishness, theirs is not very different from that of the European, North and Latin American rulers (neither is that of the Africans, although the vision we have of them is a bit obscure).

Egoism is not white, it is not black, big country or small country, hot or cold, nor is it exclusive to ex-colonialists and ex-colonized. It is simply bourgeois selfishness, although the selfishness of the rulers here is worse than that of many bourgeois.

Egoism is the same, although in some countries it suffers from gigantism and in others, it suffers from anemia. In the world (now three in one), only hunger and COVID-19 have the luxury of enjoying equality.

As for everything else, even on the faces of the selfish, there are variations:

In Nicaragua, their sickly faces (hopefully not because of the coronavirus, they are hidden, they are only seen in old videos. They forced Mr. Saenz, secretary-general of the Minsa, to read their daily statistics on the pandemic for them.

These statistics are so slow that they always have “serious but stable” victims of the COVID-19. Those who die are counted so slowly as if the COVID-19 came out of a serum bottle: drop count.

Mr. Saenz has another mission: to make Cuba’s medical reports lie, since his three countrywomen could never return to their country with the coronavirus, because here, like all of us … they were protected “by our good government”!

In Germany, the face of Dona Angela Merkel (at least the fact that she was using in the wake of the pandemic), was a severe face, like that of a lender: she opposed the creation of Eurobonds without interests in favor of Italy, Spain, and France …

There were several meetings between the wise economists of the EU, in which they quarreled at a clean percentage to see how far they could stop earning interest. And finally, they shaved their ugly faces and their selfish souls a little, to help their brothers who need it. They will help, at least, not as much as they helped Greece, at the cost of the social rights of its people.

And that Italians and Spaniards do not complain about how their brothers are treating them, because they were doing worse … if they were not Europeans. Because if they didn’t have that bliss, they would charge more interest for the aid. And the fault would be for being the poor brothers of Europe, living in the South of that continent and being Latino …

But it will not be much of a scare, because..  who says that racism is not democratic?

See how Donald Trump confirms it. First, the coronavirus was granted free Chinese nationality. Immediately, he injected confidence to his countrymen in immunity, because they are “Americans” and, therefore, no virus can with them. (For something Superman and other “heroes” were born there).

But now that this “heroism” failed, because it was made of cheap chauvinism, Trump cut the pension to the WHO, for not having left the COVID-19 killing Chinese within its borders.

Thus, in this way, the COVID-19 would not have exposed to the world the fragility of the “Americans”, like that of the rest of the mortals.

Trump has to regret that in this time of coronaviruses (and nuclear weapons everywhere), he cannot use the kind solution that his colleague Truman gave to his differences with Japan … in Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

From the South, Jair Bolso-ignitor does not seem to have a double in the world as a troglodyte against the COVID-19 …

Here, there are not many who ignore the exciting officers who spread the coronavirus, because only the mayors believe in the Two, but Two, as nobody sees it … nobody believes in it!

In Spain, machismo continues in Lent, since there it competes with the COVID-19 mistreating and killing women. Contrary to COVID-19, which stops with social isolation… Spanish machismo stayed at home and in its puddle!

In the COVID-19 season, when the three worlds have become one, 65 million airline workers were laid off…

With billions of Euros, the EU will help companies, supposedly to maintain wages, but when airlines restart their flights… how many millions of workers will they leave in the air?

That will depend on the fact that workers put on the faces of European governments and capitalists…

As it is in Latin America, many rulers, who are also capitalists, are making an angel’s face to ask for help … but against the workers, they continue to make mischief!

The brothers of Ecuador are not only at the center of the Earth but also the center of the injustices of the world …

That ” we see faces and hearts do not cook ” is true. Ecuadorians saw their president in a wheelchair, but they did not see that … the disabled was his health system!


Jasbir Singh
Jasbir Singh
Studied humanities in Punjab. Trying to understand Indian Politics. Writing about Technology, Education, Brands, Business, and much more. Contributor at The Eastern Herald, author at Salam News Punjab.

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