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Sunday, May 28, 2023
Government and PoliticsItaly: Alberto Oliveti “The law generates further inconveniences and inequalities"

Italy: Alberto Oliveti “The law generates further inconveniences and inequalities”


ROME (ITALPRESS) – Unreasonable stakes, taxes on aid, and uncertainties regarding the arrival of funds. These are the obstacles that according to Adepp are cutting tens of thousands of professionals out of aid for Covid-19.

For the association of Italian private social security institutions, this is a regulatory mess contained in one of the latest decrees of the coronavirus emergency law which has led to the exclusion from the state compensation of 600 euros for those who already have a small pension or are simply registered with more than one compulsory social security institution.

“The law generates further inconveniences and inequalities – says Adepp president Alberto Oliveti. Those who are forced to do two jobs to get to the end of the month, with two different social security positions, cannot receive the 600 euros “.

The professional funds are taking steps to pay further aid to their members in difficulty, but if the tax rules do not change, they will be taxed. “For every thousand euros that we could allocate to professionals, we would be forced to withhold at least 200 to be turned over to the state – explains Oliveti -.

We are at the paradox of a state that asks for a percentage of the aid that it should pay itself “. The Casse, on the other hand, asks for equal treatment with the state compensation paid during the coronavirus emergency, which are tax-exempt such as social allowances and other welfare services conveyed by INPS.

“Besides, the resources of the professionals’ funds are the result of the pension savings of members, which is already taxed.
We have come to a sort of fiscal anatocism, with the claim of taxes on taxes, in addition at a time when we are all called to solidarity, “says the president of Adepp.

The professional pension funds are also awaiting the reimbursement of 200 million for the indemnities for the month of March which they have already advanced on behalf of the State and the allocation of the additional funds necessary to pay the 600 euros to those who were left out in the first joke due to exhaustion of the budget.

“The Funds are also ready to pay the further indemnities that the state will want to provide for the month of April, but it is necessary that the sums already paid to be repaid. We are available but the state has the responsibility to restore liquidity “, concludes Oliveti.

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