Foreign tourists may return to Spain from July, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced this Saturday, thus ending a ban applied since mid-March following the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

“From July the entry of foreign tourism in Spain will resume in safe conditions,” Sanchez said at a press conference.

“The hardest has happened, the most difficult has been left behind. We should not act in fear, but we must act with prudence. We are still in a health emergency, “added the president.


In addition, he announced that the Spanish soccer league will resume its 2019/20 season from June 8. “The government has given the green light for the League to return, it will be the week of June 8,” he confirmed.

Sanchez later stated that “it is the Spanish people that have caused the virus to recede. The great wave of the pandemic has been overcome and we have started the transition to the new normal. We are one step away from victory ”.

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And he added: “Until the vaccine arrives, this victory continues to depend on our caution. Regrowth is not impossible and the WHO has warned it. Prudence must continue to be our guide for action ”.

Thousands of people demonstrated this Saturday from their cars in numerous cities in Spain, called by the far-right party Vox, to protest the management that the Spanish Government is making of the pandemic, demand his resignation and demand freedom of movement.

Large rows of cars, from which flags of Spain flew, took to the streets of the center of Spanish cities, after they obtained authorization from the courts, since the country is in a state of alarm, the freedom of movement and numerous gatherings of people, in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

The largest protest took place in Madrid, where hundreds of cars, some of them are convertible, and motorcycles, toured the main streets of the central Salamanca district, one of the highest economic levels in the capital, and where the Casserole protested two weeks ago.

Vox leader Santiago Abascal, who led the Madrid demonstration, accused the government of “the worst management of the crisis on the entire planet” and of “hiding information that could have saved lives,” and warned that it will bring him before Justice, in a speech delivered during the march.

In Barcelona about 500 vehicles marched through the center of the capital and some vehicles and military music sounded the anthem of Spain. But also in other cities such as Seville, Valencia, Murcia, or Logrono these caravans of protests emerged.


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