The fitness industry was on the rise when COVID hit humanity. Like most of the businesses this sector also witnessed a rough period. Many fitness models nowadays are found nowhere but on Youtube, not with scenic backgrounds but home backyards and kitchens.

Indian society is still, in the 21st century, a stereotypical when it comes to female fitness models and bikini models.

“My fitness journey started in my heart and then my mind and finally, it was a time when I hit a gym. Sometimes, it summons a lot of courage to face the stereotype of our society in India,” these words were an eye-opener for me even though my eyes were wide open while listening to her and looking into her moist eyes.

Shipra Rajput, a fitness expert and a bikini model in India expresses her concerns about the newcomers and stereotypes of Indian society.

Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa, editor of The Eastern Herald(TEH), in an interesting and eye-opening talk with Shipra Rajput.

TEH: Is going to a gym necessary?

Shipra: Just look at me! do you still think it’s not really necessary to go for gyming? Don’t you think every girl wants a figure like me?

TEH: Shipra, why do you think Gym is the only solution?

Shipra: Because going to a gym every day can help improve cardiovascular efficiencies, muscles, maintain weight, boost mental health. And I think, this is what everyone needs is as much as I do.

Shipra explained how gym and exercising daily is a stress buster for her. “It’s just like a chain reaction, I don’t know about others but, I feel pretty damn good about myself when I leave the gym,” says Shipra.

I love the way I look and believe me, i’m still getting better everyday.

Says Shipra Rajput

TEH: How COVID-19 changed the face of fitness and personal training as an industry?

Shipra: It’s really sad that our beautiful people need to stay inside and it’s not by choice. This pandemic made us think in a different dimension. We, as fitness people, should come up with something new, seriously, it’s something we should do right now. Who knows if an idea changes everything. All gyms are closed, everyone is sitting at home, eating and doing nothing. Thinking this makes me sick. But some came forward, if not all, offering rental work out equipment at home, but that’s not enough. And some are offering online personal training sessions as I do.

“Professionally I find it difficult to survive in this lockdown because I don’t have access to a gym. There is always a way if there is a will. So, I keep on working out at home the way I can. I can’t burn many calories at home with limited equipment so, I keep myself in a calorie deficit,” Shipra added.

TEH: While staying at home during lockdown made people obese. What are your opinion and suggestions?

Shipra: I don’t think people will go obese, at least not who are concerned about their physique. It’s all in the mind! While the country needs ya to stay indoors at this time. It’s a myth that you stay at home and you get flabby. In fact, on the contrary, I observe people during my online training sessions and they became more aware of what they are. And we are under social lockdown, not exercise lockdown!

TEH: Why a Fitness model and not a Bikini model?

Shipra: I am a bikini athlete. I would like to be called a fitness model. Generally speaking, we stay in camera-ready shape. It’s we who motivate others towards fitness. And glamour comes when you are photogenic.

“Shipra said that becoming a fitness model changed her life. While talking I found she is not just a body fitness freak but a person who takes care of her mind too,” added Muzaffar Bajwa.

TEH: Shipra is very shy on camera even when she is a bikini model. Is this why you don’t come live on youtube or your Instagram?

Shipra: “I am fine when I’m on stage but if you ask me to say something while facing camera, its not my thingy. I don’t know what is it but it is as it is,” Shipra answered with a smiling face.

Shipra said, “My suggestion to the newcomers, especially those who want to become fitness models is to stay strong, work hard, be consistent, and remember that the most important exercise catalyst is confidence. And most important be realistic.”

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