Russia has declared the employee of the Norwegian Embassy in the Russian Federation persona non grata. This is stated in the commentary of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry said that within three days the accreditation of one of the senior diplomats of the diplomatic mission of the Scandinavian country will be terminated. The Ambassador of Norway to the Russian Federation Rune Resaland was informed about this.

“The Russian side stressed that the destructive line pursued by the Norwegian authorities will inevitably negatively affect the atmosphere of bilateral relations. Responsibility for the consequences of such a policy lies entirely with Oslo,” the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed.

As noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry, this measure was a mirror response to the “unfriendly action of the Norwegian authorities”, which on August 18 declared the Russian diplomat persona non grata.

On August 24, Russia declared the Austrian diplomat persona non grata. Moscow also mirrored Vienna’s actions. It was reported that a Russian diplomat would be expelled from Austria. Local media claimed that he had been doing industrial espionage for an IT company for many years.

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