A Croatian HRT journalist and editor Sanja Kocijancic-Petricevic is the latest victim of an internet scam – a fake interview and comment about the drug “Parasitol”, behind which stands a hitherto unknown client who used the journalist’s name and character to promote a drug that allegedly inflicts a “strong blow to parasites”.

– Not only did they use my name in the form of interviews, at the same time I testify to the successful therapy that will be supported by the Government program, but I also participate in the comments after the famous article. That fake interview with complete content is everything that I am not and that I do not represent – neither professionally nor privately – the journalist points out.

She also notes that in this case, cybercrime will hire a lawyer and launch a private investigation into the client, and warns of the need for institutional protection of the integrity of individuals.


– I am appalled by fraud systems, I know that I am neither the first nor the only one, unfortunately not the last, but I always emphasize that fraud related to human health is the biggest. More than myself, much more, I feel sorry for our impoverished people who naively pay large sums, and can, worse than anything, destroy their health, with fake and who knows what drugs – said Kocijančić – Petričević.

This editor and journalist has been following medicine in the HRT Science Program for years, she won the Croatian Medical Association’s award for her contribution to Croatian medicine in 2018, and as a presenter, investigative journalist and editor, she launched numerous shows that systematically follow the health and medical field.

The theft of her name and character to promote the alleged drug is the latest in a series of frauds by unknown clients for online marketing purposes, including fraud by a fake company that used the name and false statements of HRT host Davor Mestrovic in March to promote the alleged drug. against diabetes.

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