Elections will be held on November 3.

Fresh data from sociologists in some of the key American states, where the outcome of the US presidential election may be decided, shows that a month before the vote, candidate Donald Trump is catching up with Joe Biden in some regions.

A Quinnipiac poll in Georgia showed Biden ahead of Trump by three percent – 50% versus 47%. A Civiqs poll in the same state showed identical results.

Data from the University of Massachusetts Lowell :

  • New Hampshire: Biden 53%, Trump 44%
  • Texas: Trump 50%, Biden 46%
  • North Carolina: Trump 49%, Biden 48%

A little more than a month is left before the US presidential election, and President Donald Trump, who is trying to stay in the White House for another cadence, continues to lag behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden in polls. Analysts of The Economist magazine believe that Biden’s chances of winning are much higher than that of the incumbent head of state, who was nominated by the Republicans.


Note that in two opinion polls, Biden is ahead of Trump at the national level by ten and eight percent, respectively.

Interest in the elections rose to near-record levels. Nearly 6 out of 10 registered voters say they follow the elections “very closely.” This is more than any other presidential campaign at this time in the cycle since 2000.


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