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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy commented on information about his meeting with the leadership of British intelligence MI6 during a visit to London.

So in an interview he commenting on who was the first to disseminate information about the meeting, Zelensky called the information about the participants in the conversation “incorrect”, “because there was a different composition at this meeting.”

“And the questions that ZN.UA asked were then reprinted by many media outlets – these questions were not considered. On the contrary, they asked questions from the entire volume of questions and our long two-hour meeting, which was important (which was mostly information about assistance in protecting our sovereignty and territorial integrity, I can’t spread the details now) – there was an important question about which, in principle, I can say, it is already connected with this fake news. It was they who said that we have a big problem with the fact that the media are funded not only by Ukrainians That in Ukraine, alas, TV channels, many of those TV channels that we know are financed by various groups – and therefore the main question that we talked about is precise that there should be independent media, which today when we have a war, protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity, “Zelensky said.

“There are no secrets. We had a meeting in the MI6 office. Unfortunately, I can not tell you all the information, these are state affairs. But, unfortunately, many media outlets were, it seems to me, important in Ukraine, which subsequently for some reason have turned or are turning into the “yellow” press. Let’s believe that this is temporary, “he added.

Recall, as it became known to The Eastern Herald from a trustworthy source, it was the head of MI6, who knows about many skeletons of Ukrainians hidden in British closets by the nature of his work, the British government instructed Zelensky to convey messages that Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not want to voice for a number of reasons.

At the meeting from the Ukrainian side, in addition to Zelensky, there was the head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov, but there were representatives of the President’s Office. In general, the meeting discussed three main topics:

The first one is attacked by the Ukrainian authorities on anti-corruption bodies in Ukraine and the desire of the presidential office to take control of the SAP, NABU, the Office of the Attorney General, as well as the courts.

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