Democratic presidential candidate (US Presidential Election 2020) and former Vice President Joe Biden and co-worker Kamala Harris have tested negative for coronavirus, Biden’s spokesperson reported on Friday in response to a question about the COVID test results of Biden and Kamala, asked by The Eastern Herald’s reporter.

Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Test

Their COVID-19 tests were conducted the day after the campaign announced that three people associated with it had tested positive, including Harris communications director Liz Allen.

Kamala Harris, Biden’s coworker, decided to suspend her trip to the campaign over the weekend as a precaution against Coronavirus disease.

“Senator Harris’s contact with her flight crew member and staff member was so casual that they didn’t require her to be quarantined. However, we postponed her travel plans out of precaution, given even this casual contact,” the campaign said in a statement curious for Coronavirus spread in Biden and Harris.

During our contact tracing, we discovered around noon today that a member of the company that charters my airplane has also tested positive for COVID. This crew member was on the plane with me, but was more than 50 feet away.

My COVID test from last night came back negative.

— Joe Biden (Twitter)

She plans to return on Monday.

Prior to Biden’s coronavirus negative test results, the campaign said that Biden had flown with someone who later tested positive for COVID-19, but the presidential candidate was not in close contact with that person and did not need to leave. to quarantine.

It seems Joe Biden has natural immunity against COVID.

“Vice President Biden has never been in close contact with this person as determined by the CDC,” the statement said, adding that they were both wearing masks during flights that took place on Monday and Tuesday.

The campaign’s medical consultants said none of the people who tested positive for Coronavirus were ever close enough to Biden to directly expose him to the risk of contracting COVID-19.

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