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The coronavirus pandemic today exceeded 45 million cases in the world, with new daily records in the United States, Germany Y Russia, and while Europe is still immersed in the second wave of Coronavirus that collapses health systems.

The United States, the country most affected by Covid-19 in the world, yesterday registered a record of 88,521 new cases, and a much-consulted statistical model now predicts that the nation will have 399,000 deaths from the disease by early February, in the best-case scenario.

Amid the third outbreak of the disease, 41 of the nation’s 50 states are reporting an increase in infections of at least 10% compared to the previous week.

With 9,007,298 infections and 229,293 deaths, the United States tops the list of the nations hardest hit by the pandemic, followed by India, which already registers 8,088,851 cases and 121,090 deaths, and Brazil, which has 5,494,376 positives and 158,969 deaths.

Europe, meanwhile, is going through a second wave of the pandemic that today caused new maximums of infections in several countries of the continent and led to increased restriction measures before the imminent saturation of the health centers.

The data came days after Germany, France, and Spain, among others, will announce new quarantines -similar or stricter than those experienced during the previous peak- to stop contagion.

In Portugal, mobility between municipalities was restricted from today and other measures are expected to be announced after Prime Minister Antonio Costa meets with representatives of other parties and with the Council of Ministers.

The health authorities reported 4,656 new positives and 40 deaths in the last 24 hours, both data unprecedented since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which infected a total of 132,272 people and 2,468 deaths in the country.

In Slovakia, authorities are bracing for a nationwide shutdown, as positives continue to rise, CNN television reported.

The Ministry of Health reported today that 3,363 cases were registered in the last 24 hours, it’s the highest number since the first case was detected in the country.

Slovakia has a total of 55,091 confirmed cases, including 212 deaths.

Hungary, meanwhile, reported that 65 coronavirus patients died in the last 24 hours, its highest number since the start of the pandemic, prompting the government to strengthen control of compliance with health measures.

In addition, the new confirmed cases were 3,286, 1,100 more than yesterday.

In Croatia, the increasing number of infections prompted the authorities to build additional clinics.

Hundreds of people queued today without getting out of their cars in front of the door of the Zagreb Fair, in the capital, to take a Covid-19 test, on a day when 2,776 infections and 20 deaths were registered.

The director of the Croatian Medical Chamber, Kresimir Lujetic, said that the Zagreb hospital wards that treat coronavirus patients reached their maximum capacity so new patients would be treated in a sports hall that is being adapted.

The Government of Poland, meanwhile, warned that the number of infections could continue to grow uncontrollably, after reaching a new daily record with more than 21,600 cases and 202 deaths.

For its part, Iceland, although it did not have a record of cases, announced a tightening of the restrictions starting tomorrow, reducing the limit of public meetings to 10 people from 20 and suspending sports activities and theatrical performances.

New records were also registered today in Spain, with 25,595 cases the day before, and in Germany, with 18,681 positives in the last day, which comes three days before the start of almost total confinement to avoid the overflow of the centers of Health.

Also Russia, the fourth country with the most infections worldwide, today reported a new maximum of 18,283 Covid-19 infections on the last day and announced 355 deaths the day before, which raised the total to 1,588,433 positives and 27,462 deaths.

In Italy, meanwhile, the pandemic is also advancing by leaps and bounds and in one week, from October 21 to 27, the deaths increased by 108% and the positive cases by 89%.

In 10 days, the Italian government approved three decrees, with progressive closures of activities and a curfew until 5 in the morning in some cities, while in Belgium experts are calling for a second lockdown after registering a record number of patients hospitalized by the outbreak (6,187) that leaves the country in a “critical” situation on the brink of collapse.

A demand that also adds pressure in the United Kingdom, given the questioning of the health authorities about the effectiveness of the latest focused restrictions, which are not able to stop the increase in cases of coronavirus.

With more than 220,000 infections a day, Europe once again became the epicenter of the pandemic -as it was in March and April last-, while in America, the continent with the most cases and deaths globally, there are around 140,000 daily positives, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The American continent today exceeded the barrier of 20 million accumulated cases, while in Europe they amount to more than 10.5 million and in Southeast Asia, the third most affected region on the planet, to more than 9.1 million, according to the balance of the multilateral organization.

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