In Georgia, quarantine restrictions have been tightened due to the growth of statistics on coronavirus infections in Georgia.

The restrictions will operate from November 28 to January 31 inclusive, the Interdepartmental Coordination Council of Georgia decided, Georgia Online reports.

Shops, markets, restaurants, fitness centers, and swimming pools are closed from Saturday 28 November, and public and intercity transport is suspended.

Also, in Georgia, a curfew is introduced from 21:00 to 05:00 – at this time, citizens are prohibited from walking the streets on foot and by car, as well as being in public places.

On New Year’s and Christmas Eve, the curfew is planned to be lifted unless the spread of the disease worsens.

As of November 28, 127,942 cases of coronavirus disease and 1,195 deaths were registered in Georgia.

As of Saturday, 61 645 535 cases of COVID-19 infection were recorded in the world. This is evidenced by data from an interactive map of the spread of coronavirus from the Center for Systems Research at Johns Hopkins University.

Per day: 670 959 people; died: 1 442 664 people (10 616 per day); recovered: 39 446 275 people (376 462 per day).

In 24 hours, 16,249 new cases of coronavirus were diagnosed in Ukraine. The total number of infected people in the country has risen to 709,701, the Ministry of Health said.

During the day, 184 people died from complications of coronavirus disease. In total, 12,093 deaths have been recorded in the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

Also during this time, 8 897 patients managed to overcome the disease. The total number of people recovered in the country has grown to 335,135 people.

Over the past day, laboratories have done 67,348 tests: 43,458 by PCR and 23,890 ELISA tests. And for all the time, 4 463 249 PCR tests were carried out in Ukraine.

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