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Natasa Bekvalac

Natasa Bekvalac (40), who has three marriages behind her, realized that she does not need a man for happiness and that she can fight alone through life, so she dedicated herself to her career and her heirs.

–  I haven’t been with a single man since I gave birth the second time. Well, I’ve been alone for two and a half years and I have to admit that I like being free. I always thought I had to have someone by my side to be fulfilled and happy, and in fact, I feel better now than ever. I didn’t know how to be alone before. Loneliness scared me, so maybe out of that fear I ran from relationship to relationship. Or, some would say from marriage to marriage. I’m a mature woman now, so I realized that’s not good. I am enough for myself – said the singer for the Serbian media.

He emphasizes that he is not running away from his new love, but he explains that he will not look for it and chase it after all. She thinks that more time must pass before she is ready to love a man again .:

–  When you enter from relationship to relationship, as I did, the energy from the previous relationship is still there. And it all drags on one after the other. So now I gave myself time, I took a break. I decided to purify my energy, my life, my thoughts. This way I will be better for my children, to some new man if he ever enters my life, but also to myself.

Regardless of the fact that she has currently decided to “solo”, Natasa is overwhelmed with love offers on social networks.

–  Many men court me, but only through Instagram. And if they want to approach me live, they have nowhere to go because I’m not going anywhere because of the coronavirus pandemic. Although, even before this chaos, they didn’t approach me much. They are braver when they write through social networks – says the singer.

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