The son of the incumbent US President Donald Trump, Donald Jr. appealed to businessman Elon Musk with an appeal to “save freedom of speech” and create a social network that will not block his father. Trump Jr. posted a video message to the founder of Tesla and SpaceX on Instagram, where the president is temporarily blocked.

“If Musk can send people into space, I’m sure he can create an impartial social network. I think that many Americans would like it and they would sincerely support it, ”the president’s son said.

Donald Trump Jr. expressed confidence that Elon Musk is capable of creating a reliable platform that would suit the 45th President of the United States.

On January 12, the American president for the first time publicly commented on Twitter’s decision to permanently block his account, as well as the actions of the Facebook and Instagram administration, which prevented Trump from writing new posts until the end of his presidential term. He said that tech corporations made a “catastrophic mistake” by denying him access to social media. These corporations, whose influence is growing, are dangerous, Trump said.

On January 6, a group of participants in a rally in support of Donald Trump broke into the Congress building and paralyzed his work for several hours. Trump urged supporters who were trying to disrupt the approval of the election results to go home. Major social networks have blocked the accounts of the US President.

On January 11, Trump introduced a state of emergency to Washington, which will last until January 24.

Joe Biden’s inauguration is scheduled for January 20.

Many of Trump’s supporters are sincerely convinced that vote-rigging helped Joe Biden win the election. A significant percentage of Trump supporters, drawing information from social networks and far-right sites, do not believe in the danger of the COVID-19 virus either. How did it happen that America was swept by a wave of disinformation?

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