A former minister in Israel, Yossi Beilin said that in the conversation between Biden and Saudi King Salman, Biden hinted to the king, that it would be wise to replace his reckless son with the man who had to kiss his hand and force him to give up the mandate of the covenant four days ago, meaning bin Nayef. This was reported on Israel Hayom.

Former Minister of Justice and Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin explained that Bin Salman “was the greatest hope for the West, for a moment, his father Salman, the King of Saudi Arabia, was considered a leader for a transitional period, and many predicted that his son, the young Prince Muhammad, would become crown prince.”


Biden wants Bin Nayef to be the crown prince

“The assessment was that the role would be taken from his son Muhammad bin Nayef, the experienced and appreciated former crown prince, following the king’s coronation in 2015. Indeed, two years later, King Salman deposed bin Nayef in favor of the 31-year-old bin Salman. Bin Salman also became deputy prime minister, defense minister, and chairman of Saudi Arabia’s Council of Economic and Development Affairs,” Yossi Beilin added. This restlessness of the Biden Administration and his allies burdens the CIA to impose accusations against the crown prince Mohammed bin Salam of Saudi Arabia.

Beilin stated, “The young man was welcomed as a head of state at the White House and other places. He appeared to be pragmatic, modern, attentive, and a genuine representative of modern Saudi Arabia. The world couldn’t wait for his father the king to remove his crown and transfer it to his “liberal” son.”.

MBS revolutionizes modern Saudi Arabia

The Saudi crown prince won the world over when he abolished the ban on women driving. This seems a very small change but in the Arab society, it is something of a scale of the french revolution.

Yasso Beilin also noted that due to Khashoggi’s conspiracy “America was marked by anger, and the world denounced”… and this is the reason Biden Administration is playing the card of Human Rights in the middle eastern region. There are countless journalists and activists jailed, tortured, and killed in many influential Asian countries today. But, the world media needed a villain of the time. And this time it is not Saddam Hossein or Muammar Al-Gaddafi.

Biden’s ruthless agenda against MBS

The Israeli minister pointed out that Biden did not contact the crown prince instead he would only speak with his father, the king of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabi. Biden’s policy goes against Trump’s policies. Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is an American ally but the way the American intelligence agency CIA accuses MBS of a crime that has no connection with the crown prince. Biden’s attack on MBS and Saudi Arabia is merely a sign of another war against a sovereign nation in the middle east. The consequences of these accusations are not considered good for any country on the planet.



  1. DO NOT give in to allowing the CIA to appoint your leaders! Americans love MBS and hate the DS, CIA, and globalist DemocRATS and RINOS. Nayef is a drug addict who is friendly with the CIA. Let HIM rule, and he will destroy your country as surely as the DemocRATS have almost destroyed the United States.

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