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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

UAE buys self-propelled howitzer from Bosnia and Herzegovina?

We were in the Emirates and had several meetings, at this moment I can't say anything more, said Adis Ikanovic.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first self-propelled howitzer, a post-war technological marvel of a dedicated industry, could soon reinforce the United Arab Emirates (UAE) military.

This is the result of a recent trip by representatives of the BNT TMiH company from Novi Travnik, part of the former military giant “Bratstvo”, to this Arab country.

Not only were the company’s leaders in the Emirates, but several tons of howitzers were transported across the sea.

Meetings in the Emirates

The director of the company, Adis Ikanovic, confirmed to The Eastern Herald that they met with the leaders of the army and the state, which is interested in buying the howitzer.

– We were in the Emirates and had several meetings. The army and the state are involved, and at this moment I can’t say anything more – said Ikanović.

In the days behind us, a shooting range was supposed to be arranged and held, that is, testing a self-propelled howitzer at the test range of the UAE army.

The Arabs wanted to see the destructive power of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the spot. howitzers.

News about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first self-propelled howitzer “Avaz” brought exclusively at the end of 2016.

Testing in BiH

The howitzer was tested many times in BiH, on the range of the former giant, so the citizens of Novi Travnik were once part of everyday life with artillery fire. When it comes to long-range shooting, the only such range in BiH is in Glamoč.

The howitzer is very competitive on the market, because it is up to 20 percent cheaper than the competition and much lighter, which improves mobility with such artillery weapons. The price should be around one million marks per piece.

Technical characteristics of BH. self-propelled howitzers

– Range 40 kilometres

– Automatic loading of six grenades

– Computer GPS guidance

– NATO calibre 155 millimetres

– Lightweight

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