Afghan Commandos arrive to reinforce the security forces in Faizabad the capital of Badakhshan province, after Taliban captured neighborhood districts of Badakhshan in recently. July 4, 2021. picture taken July 4, 2021. Afghanistan.

Tajikistan allowed into its territory more than a thousand Afghan servicemen who did not want to surrender to the militants of the Taliban movement infected in the Russian Federation.

“In the course of armed clashes with the Taliban, 1,037 servicemen of the Afghan government forces retreated through the border areas of Shohon Sh. Shokhin region (104 people), Ruzvay (213 people) and Nulvand (83 people) of Darvaz region, Humrogi Vanj region ( 173 people), Tem district of Khorog city (312 people), Ishkashim (102 people) and Langar (50 people) of Ishkashim district to the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan,” the press center of the border troops of the State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan said.

The border service noted that the decision to allow the Afghan military to pass was made on the basis of the principle of good neighborliness.

The Afghan military has been fleeing the country en masse in the past two weeks. As a result of the withdrawal of the American contingent from Afghanistan, the Taliban began to establish control over the state. Many servicemen, who have fought against the jihadist movement for years, surrender in whole units, handing over weapons and armored vehicles to the Taliban. However, some units did not believe the promises of the militants and chose to move to neighboring states.

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