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Sudanese police announce the killing of two of its members in West Kordofan

                        Khartoum / Adel Abdul Rahim / Anatolia

The Sudanese police announced, on Wednesday, the killing of two of its members and the wounding of an officer, in an attack on a police station in West Kordofan State (south).

The police said, in a statement, that a force affiliated with it arrested two people in possession of two Kalashnikovs in the Umm Drissa area in the state.

She added that “during the movement of the force, they were intercepted by a group of people riding 10 armed cars. They exchanged fire with the force, which led to the escape of the two arrested.”

And she added, “The force returned to the police station, and later a group of about 150 people stormed the station and fired shots.”

She explained that this “led to the martyrdom of Sergeant Yasser Hamed, Corporal Muhammad Salimat Muhammad, and the injury of First Lieutenant Hisham Al-Taj Abdullah.”

She stated that the state security committee decided to move a joint force of the army, police and “rapid support forces” to the Al-Nuhud area in the state, to arrest the perpetrators.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Sudanese authorities announced the killing of 3 soldiers and a civil engineer, and the injury of 4 others in an armed attack in the “Tlus” area of ​​South Darfur (west).

For a while, a number of regions have witnessed security disruptions and violence in the country, which is going through a 53-month transitional period, following the ouster of President Omar al-Bashir in April 2019.

On September 6, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok stressed addressing the security chaos in the country, intensifying police patrols and activating the security role of the joint force.

Hamdok directed to provide the necessary support to the police forces to play their role in combating crime and strengthening security work, while making legal amendments that increase penalties for perpetrators of crimes.

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