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America will have a better choice than Donald Trump

As the former vice president noted in a CNN interview, “The time has come for a new leader who will rally the country around our highest ideals.” Does that mean Pence is going to run for president himself? Political scientists are already analyzing his chances.

Mike Pence has a very active media week. Two days before Donald Trump announces a new election, Pence comments to ABC-News on the ex-president’s reckless remarks on January 6, 2021. On the day of Trump’s speech, he criticizes the former boss in a conversation with an Associated Press reporter.

And here’s the CNN interview. Host Jake Tupper is trying to get a straight answer from Pence: So, after all, will the former vice president back the former boss in the next election or not? And more importantly, will Pence run in the Republican primary against Trump? Here is an excerpt from their dialogue:

– (Pence) I think we’ll have a better pick than my running mate in the previous presidential campaign. America yearns to return to a policy that worked for the good of the people. But I believe the time has come for a new leader to rally the country around our highest ideals.

– (Tupper) You mean yourself?

– (Pence) I’ll let you know.

Political scientists see this as a reason not just to talk about Pence’s presidential ambitions, but to seriously weigh his chances. And they’re not so ghostly, says the Amherst College political science professor. Konstantin Pleshakov.

“He is, indeed, a person to whom America – and not just abstract America, but as defined by the Constitution of the united states – is very important to him. He then (January 6, 2021 – ed.), in general, risked both his life and, of course, in general, his future position in the Republican Party, – notes Pleshakov in an interview with media Russian Service “.

On January 6, 2021, Pence, if he did not register among the enemies of Trump, then definitively flew from his future clip. The vice president declined to back the White House chief’s request to challenge the election results, considering his actions unconstitutional. Trump wrote that Pence lacked courage. And the participants in the assault who broke into the Capitol staged a hunt for the vice president. His family had to be evacuated.

“I think it’s reckless to make statements on Twitter that directly criticize me when rioters break into the Capitol,” Pence told The Associated Press. “It endangered my family and everyone on Capitol Hill at the time. The President decided to be part of the problem. And it was my responsibility to fix that problem.

Pence, in his own words, was furious. He thus acquired the image of a zealous defender of the Constitution, which can arouse the sympathy of undecided voters, believe political analysts. Especially against Trump.

But initially, Pence appeared on the political scene as a very religious ultra-conservative, and this is still the main feature of his political portrait. Therefore, among right-wing Republicans, Pence’s odds are high again.

An obvious downside is the lack of charisma, compared to the same Trump or rising Republican star DeSantis. But the primaries are still about a year and a half away. And Pence, – experts are sure, – should at least not be ignored.

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