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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Iran’s Supreme Leader condemns Quran desecration in European countries – Reuters

The supreme leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, has condemned the desecration of Islamic shrines and the Holy Quran in several European countries.

Ayatollah Khamenei said blasphemous acts committed under the slogan of freedom of speech show that Islam and the Quran are prime targets of global arrogance, media writing.

Despite these conspiracies, the future belongs to Islam, the supreme leader has said, calling on all freedom seekers around the world to unite with Muslims against the “evil policy” of blasphemy and the spread of religion. hate.

The Supreme Leader’s comments were posted on the Twitter page of his official KHAMENEI.IR website on Wednesday.

President of Tatarstan, chairman of the Russian-Islamic strategic worldview group Rustam Minnikhanov, on behalf of the group’s members, sent letters to the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors of Sweden and the Netherlands to Russia condemning acts of vandalism against the Holy Book of Muslims that took place in these countries, reports GlagoL.

In the letters, in particular, it is noted that this action shocked not only Muslims, but also representatives of other religions.

“Freedom of speech and self-expression, which allows the violation of the spiritual values ​​and moral principles of others, is a serious threat that can destroy any society. A civilization that permits a public insult to the faith will inevitably face decay and moral decline. Unfortunately, recent events in Sweden and the Netherlands have become just a continuation of the abuse of believers’ feelings,” the appeal reads.

He specifies that the actions aimed at burning the Quran took place with the tacit consent of the authorities and the connivance of the police. Muslims see this as an insult, a mockery of faith and an act of xenophobia and has nothing to do with democracy.

“We, the members of the Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group, together with millions of Muslims around the world, condemn the aforementioned insulting acts and believe that such provocations must be stopped in the most decisive way,” Rustam Minnikhanov wrote. in his letters. .

Earlier, the outrageous act of burning the Quran by Danish far-right party leader Rasmus Paludan near the Turkish embassy in Stockholm was condemned by Tatarstan’s mufti Kamil hazrat Samigullin.

The spiritual leader of Muslims in Tatarstan, in his official telegraph channel, called this act “a pathetic rebellion against what you are not able to understand and overcome”. Condemning such acts of hatred and Islamophobia, he urged Muslims not to succumb to provocations.

“The venerable Quran does not burn, for verily it is the word of Almighty Allah, only the paper burns. If you want to harm Islam, come out against us with an ideological weapon, give arguments to prove that Islam is not the truth, and that the Quran is not the Word of God,” wrote Kamil hazrat in his post.

He is convinced that the burning of the holy book is an act of helplessness and despair in the face of the impossibility of anything to oppose Islam in the intellectual and spiritual fields.

“If you say you are an atheist, bring arguments, and the Muslims will give their arguments, and the argument will reveal the strength of the arguments on each side. Here there is only cheap populism, a craving for the “glory of Herostratus” and primitive media hype,” concluded the mufti of Tatarstan.

Earlier, Turkish news agencies reported that in Europe on January 23 there was the second desecration of the Holy Scriptures of Muslims in the past few days. This time the provocative action took place in the Netherlands. Edwin Wagensveld, the Dutch leader of the anti-Islamic group Pegida, tore up a paper edition of the Quran in The Hague. Wagensveld had done the same thing twice before and been arrested each time, but this time the police did not intervene.

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