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Supercars to Super Scammers, Dubai Has Everything To Offer

Supercars, mega-yachts, and the luxurious lifestyle of Downtown, Dubai has everything to offer. This attracted many wealthy individuals to Dubai. Streets full of fashionistas, exclusive luxury brand showrooms, and fine dining restaurants are always glamoured with tall, beautiful, and mesmerizing models wearing Gucci, Armani, Louis Vuitton, and Michael Kors high heels, wrist watches, and backless red and black dresses. Of course, Dubai is a luxury at its peak that attracts millions of visitors, business people, and wealthy individuals around the globe. This is what creates a haven for scammers and fraudsters who hide in these flashy night parties where wealthy individuals and businessmen come to devour some good time of their day.

Crypto and FOREX scammers, gangsters, fraudsters, and also sometimes terrorists find a peaceful resort in these alluring streets of Dubai Downtown.

Two very clever and notorious individuals of the Adler family; Kerry Adler and Josh Adler land in Dubai with some ulterior motives of scamming businesses and investors in the Emirates. The same enticed Kerry and his son Josh.

Who is Kerry Adler?

According to Adler family shady company SkyPower global, Since 2003, Kerry has served as SkyPower’s global President and Chief Executive Officer. As a visionary leader, Kerry Adler has been instrumental in building SkyPower into a major force in renewable energy, making it one of the most advanced and influential companies in the field.

We never found any evidence to support their claim of being an influential energy-producing firm in the world. As they claim they generate millions of megawatts of electricity but where it’s a mystery.

Who is Josh Adler?

“Josh Adler is a Visionary and leading business architect. Helped over 300 startups launch in 3 years, Founder of ConvrtX”, self-proclaimed on the website, a podcast company. It further says that Josh is the founder and CEO of ConvrtX, a venture ecosystem that is now one of the largest and most innovative startup ecosystems in the world. 

Isn’t it impressive?

Both Adlers; Kerry Adler and Josh Adler (who is a son of Kerry Adler) claim to be billionaires in their introduction which was published in the “19th Anniversary Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit“. This summit was organized by the Ritossa Family that is headed by Sir Anthony Ritossa.


Who is Sir Anthony Ritossa?

Sir Anthony Ritossa, the head of the Ritossa Family, according to a Vanity Fair magazine article titled ‘Inside Wealth-Conference Con Man Anthony Ritossa’s Wild Web of Lies’ is “a self-styled knight and purported Nobel Prize nominee is actually a Wall Street washout, a deadbeat dad, and a con artist, repeatedly jailed by European authorities.

The role of Media and Press

Willingly or unwillingly media outlets publish unwetted stories of individuals with a history of scams, frauds, scandals, and whatnot. If media outlets do due diligence before publishing any content in their respective newspapers or news websites; the public can be saved from the venomous affect of these individuals. And then many scams and frauds can be prevented as well.

The Weekly Blitz newspaper came forward and exposed the shady business of SkyPower Global as well as the truth behind the billionaire story of Kerry Adler and Josh Adler. Blitz wrote, “We have reasons to believe, Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler is another grand scammer as Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of the fraudulent crypto venture FTX. While Sam Bankman-Fried has cheated hundreds of thousands of innocent people through his fraudulent FTX and Alameda Research, most possibly Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler is cheating innocent investors from around the world as well as the Gulf countries through false claims. Authorities in the United Arab Emirates need to initiate an immediate investigation into the suspicious activities of Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler.”

On January 29, 2023, following the publication of an investigative report in the Weekly Blitz newspaper exposing Joshua Adler, alias Josh Adler, son of a notorious fraudster and terrorist Kerry Adler, the New York Weekly retracted their June 15, 2022 article titled “Josh Adler is a disruptive force in the realm of tech startups“. This came after the two Adler family members were found to have arrived in Dubai with plans to scam innocent businessmen and investors in the Emirates.

Gemma Martina, from Dundee city in the United Kingdom, wrote on her Facebook wall,

“WHAT THE HELL HAVE I GOT MYSELF INTO 🤣. I don’t even know where to start. I posted last year about a company who refused to deliver me my website and app, commissioned for my business, that I had paid £28k for. Their name is CONVRTX by the way. I didn’t name them last time. We came to an agreement after my last post, after me paying over £1k for a solicitor, that I would give them a chance to deliver the products and remove my negative reviews for the time being. One site wouldn’t allow me to remove the review, but the agreement was I’d give a fair update on the quality of the products once in a finished state. Now: 6 months later, the products are a shit show 😂 I literally won’t use them. I was going to let them fix them, until their CEO had the audacity to ask me to amend my review to 5 stars. Tried to say I’d agreed to once I got my products, absolute load of shit.
Daniel and I have been keeping an eye on their review pages over the last 6 months. So many fake positive reviews, copy and pasted, removed, and reposted under different names. It’s an absolute farce. Now to today; I reposted my negative reviews this week. The company relentlessly reports and hides them. Not just me; with every negative review. Bark says they are investigating the matter, but the negative reviews remain hidden. There are a number of negative reviews they’ve managed to hide. There is suspicion that they are a Ponzi Scheme. We came across a newspaper who are doing investigative journalism on them, and have found out that both the CEO, Josh Adler, and his dad, CEO of SkyPower and a member of the World Economic Forum, Kerry Adler, are high flying fraudsters. Things are insane. Kerry Adler deleted his twitter after being accused of cyber attacking the newspaper who ran a story on him 👀 🤣 What’s even crazier; I’m now in touch with a number of clients of CONVRTX who have had the same experience as me. Some I’ve tracked down myself. Others have sought me out after being tipped off from a ConvrtX staff member that I’m rounding up disgruntled clients. Clearly someone in that company has a shred of morals. These people have taken 28k of my money. One client I’m speaking to gave them 100k for projects they apparently cannot complete. There are international journalists looking into them. I’ve accepted that I’ve lost my money, but hopefully in rounding up all of these clients they’ve scammed I can be a part of bringing them to justice. I’ve screenshotted some of the now hidden negative reviews. I’ve also screenshotted a small number of the obvious fake reviews. I remember when their legal counsel sending me inappropriate emails which were what I deem to be sexually harassing was the most insane part of my story. God knows where this is going, but it’s getting more insane by the day. If I suspiciously wind up dead one day under odd circumstances, it’s probably because I’ve help exposed a huge fraud ring 🤣🤣🤣 All jokes aside… If you know anyone looking for software development, avoid CONVRTX like the bloody plague. “

It has also been widely noticed that many dubious PR agencies find good business in promoting these scammers in the local media. Talking to a representative of Makt Media, an emerging PR agency in Dubai said: “This is a matter of great surprise that a globally known swindler Anthony Ritossa has also landed in the UAE and he has collected hundreds of thousands of Dirham by organizing a fraudulent event, where he charged AED 5,000 as entry fees and there were more than 300 people who bought tickets to attend that program. Anyone searching the internet would find full details about Anthony’s past record of fraud.”

He further said, “We are also a PR agency but we never take any suspicious or dubious individual as our client. That is why Makt Media‘s pace of getting clients may be a bit slower but we do necessary due diligence before signing with any new client.”

Meanwhile, according to a tweet by Anthony Fenton, Kerry Adler, who has been exposed as engaging in terrorist activities by international media has a financial relationship with Anthony Ritossa, while Adler is in holding an important position in the Canada Arab Business Council and Canada-UAE Business Council.

It is a matter of great astonishment to know that a dangerous individual like Kerry Adler is holding important posts in two of the business councils in the UAE, which would create an opportunity for to him in targeting and cheat Arabs.

It was reported in the EU Reporter that Kerry Adler is having connections with a transnational drug trafficking racket operated by the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, Afghan drug lords, and Ukrainian mafias.

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Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
Founding Editor of The Eastern Herald, Political & Foreign Relations Strategist.

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