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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Kanchelskis: ‘Kokorin is not yet lost for serious football’

– Let’s start with the most recent – yesterday Alexander Kokorin scored the eighth goal for “Aris”. You played for Fiorentina, who loaned him out, and can you imagine if they pay attention to that in Florence?

  • If not how? In any case, he will come back, at least for the summer internships. Follow, you can be sure. There is a special department for that, like in any reputable club. Every effective action does not go unnoticed. Well, and he, of course, gives extra confidence. Everything depends on Sasha today, he is not yet lost for a serious football company.

  • In England, where you played for almost 10 years, played 200 games and won numerous trophies. Last weekend, Arsenal, City and Liverpool lost there in sync, while Chelsea dropped points at home to who knows who. Conspired?

  • Well, you have to somehow maintain the plot. But seriously, Arsenal are just guys. Win and go far ahead. Clearly my sympathies are with Everton, who many are also linked with. I wish them with all my heart to stay in the Premier League, but the Gunners have decided to beat them with one hand. They didn’t take into account that after Lampard’s departure, with the arrival of a new coach, the team will recover. Here we got it!

  • Losing “Manchester City” is not from this series. Guardiola is now making excuses that Tottenham were holding 10 behind their backs which is not the case. Isn’t it in his nature to bite?

  • Well, it’s never his fault, it’s always someone else’s. How the opponent held the defense is his right. You find ways to reach the door and don’t look for excuses later. With Guardiola, moreover, it’s always like that. If they win, they praise the enemy, and suddenly something is wrong, the moaning starts immediately.

– What happens with “Liverpool”, which loses 0:3 “Wolverhampton” and is already tenth in the table?

  • It is obvious that this is a very serious crisis and for me, therefore systemic. It looks like Klopp has already squeezed the maximum there. It’s time to change something on the Merseysiders coaching bench.
  • Chelsea, after all the record acquisitions of the winter, play at home to zero with Fulham, and Mudrik is replaced at half-time. Is there a sense that money has clouded the eyes of Abramovich’s successors?

  • Chelsea lost the season. Maximum – a place in the Europa League. Now the main thing for them is to build a new system, both on and off the pitch. Let’s see what the new management can do. And if there is money, why not spend it?

  • The main club of your life, Manchester United, on the contrary, is regaining its former weight, or is it too early to talk about it?

  • Of course, early. But a chain of correct and consistent decisions is visible, including parting ways with Ronaldo. However, for such a club, there can be no other places than the first. Like, say, in Russia for Spartak.

  • One of our and almost one of our legionnaires continues to delight Italy. Well, first of all, of course, Kvaratskhelia. Already quite the leader of “Napoli”, since he plays a penalty so audaciously, as with “Spezia”?

  • Yes, the standards say a lot, it is an indicator of recognition. Suddenly, it is already rather the top, since everyone trusts him.

  • Alexey Miranchuk wins with “Torino” and makes Atalanta, who rented him, bite their elbows?

  • Not yet. It is not necessary to play the game. It must reach a stable level. That’s when they start biting if they catch it.

  • Alexander Golovin once again gave Monaco an assist and, in a rare occurrence, spent all 90 minutes on the pitch. What do you say in light of the talk of Borussia Dortmund’s substantial interest in him?

  • He is already capable of making such decisions on his own, he has been playing it for a long time. As for me, Borussia does not call twice. The second Bundesliga club is still much more serious than roughly the same positions in France.

  • Bayern became the top club in the Bundesliga after a series of draws. Has the conflict around Neuer somehow excited the team?

  • Yes, it happens. Although, as I understand it, opinions about his skiing injury and the outrageous interview were internally divided. But we decided to play for ourselves and for this guy, against all odds.

  • In the Spanish Liga, “Barcelona” broke away from “Real” by 8 points. Could this have been imagined a few months ago?

  • Of course not. Real Madrid players are obviously not in good shape after the World Cup. Barça took advantage of this. Madrid are now waiting for another Club World Cup in Morocco. And in the near future, I believe, the problems can only grow.

  • Well, and as an intermediate result, your predictions about future champions. Arsenal, Napoli, Barça, Bayern, PSG – will anyone miss theirs?

  • Nobody except Arsenal. There are 50 against 50. Even in the best times under Wenger, how many times they went first and lost everything at the finish line. It’s in their blood.

When will you return to coaching?

  • Soon, I suppose. You know that I am conducting substantive negotiations with Saudi Arabia.

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