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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Jungkook confessed his love to Blackpink’s Lisa: ‘I said I liked blondes and she dyed her hair’

Jungkook is a Korean sex symbol with a huge impact around the world. Oddly enough, it is the boy group that has captivated the army of fans more than any girl pop group, although it must be admitted that Korean female idols also have millions of fans. Based on this, it should be noted that Maknae was in a winning position due to huge fan support and is free to choose any girlfriend for himself.

In recent days, instances of Gookie shipping with Blackpink’s Lisa have become more frequent. It’s happened before, but now the question of their possible romance has become particularly acute after English-speaking ARMY’s comment on Quora, who noticed some sort of coincidence (if it is, of course, a coincidence. ..). The guy remembered how Jungkook, you could say, flirted with a girl.

“I remember how he blurted out that he liked blondes. At that time, Lisa was just walking around with white hair, but after hearing that, she dyed her hair black. I don’t know if it ‘s related and if she even heard his comment but it coincided in time. When she dyed his hair he announced that he changed his mind and now he only likes black. He doesn’t there may be a more transparent clue, ”the young man then wrote.

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