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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Lukashenka carried out “work on errors” with members of the government Fox News

The point is to explain BELTAthat the draft documents regarding the expansion of the functions of service centers to budgetary organizations, the financing of state theaters, the mechanism of association of inefficient agricultural organizations with state enterprises and support for the engineering company MAZ automobiles were brought to the attention of the President.

Disagreeing with a number of the approaches proposed in the draft documents, Lukashenka, using specific examples, harshly pointed out to those responsible for the superficial approach in their preparation, sometimes insufficient attention to issues of budget expenditures .

On the part of the government, in particular, a proposal has been made to introduce additional measures to work with problem organizations in the agro-industrial complex. The president rejected proposals for a radical approach to decision-making on merging underperforming agricultural organizations with state-owned companies.

As Sector Minister Igor Brylo explained, these are mainly 127 complex agricultural organizations. According to him, in the draft decree under discussion, it was proposed to set the conditions for companies that undertake to establish work in low-yield agro-industrial complex facilities.

However, Lukashenka asked a reasonable question: why change anything in the existing system. “We had 8.3 billion dollars in food income last year, because we kept agriculture in our hands, modernized it, imposed discipline”, drew the attention of the president, pointing out that the government had not thoroughly settled the question of who and where to join. , and above all, if each state enterprise which will take the patronage of the agrarians needs the same advantages and preferences. Therefore, he categorically rejected such an approach with a “general chokh”.

As a result of the meeting, the agency clarifies, it was decided to abandon a separate decree on this issue, and at the level of local authorities, the president instructed to settle the situation for each problematic farm.

As for budgetary support for the MAZ machine-building enterprise, during a dialogue with the government, the president agreed to provide additional support to the enterprise, but instructed to determine in a transparent and closes on financial terms acceptable to the state, excluding departments approaches this issue.


p class=””>During the meeting, the question of the financing of the rooms was also raised. In this case, the Belarusian leader demanded that theaters be funded equally. By the way, two years ago, visiting the Yanka Kupala Academic Theater, he gave such an instruction. Its essence boiled down to the fact that how much the troupe earned on its own, it would receive as much as support from the state budget.

However, apparently this order has not yet been carried out, Lukashenka said. In addition, a draft new decree has been submitted for its review and the proposed approaches deviate from the previously announced requirements. “We have come together to do better. And you are offering me today to legitimize this mess”, dryly asked the question of the president.

“We agreed: if you earn a million – pay a million from the budget. Then it will be clear: you have earned more – you have more,” he stressed, demanding a tougher approach to this topic.

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