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Friday, March 24, 2023

Scientists have created a universal amphibious drone KXan 36 Daily News

A prototype of a universal drone that can not only fly, but also dive into water, has been created by Chinese experts. The device can be used for search and rescue operations and technical checks. Such “devices” are shown to us by nature. Let’s say the seagulls hover in the air, then drop like a stone in the water in search of prey. This amazing mechanism of birds was created during a long evolution. It took several years for Chinese scientists. Although the drone is clearly inferior to the creatures of nature, an important step has been taken.

The device is called Mirs-X. Its weight is 1.63 kg, its width is 38 cm, it can float in the air for about six minutes, and also dive three meters under water for about 40 minutes, where it moves at speeds of up to at two meters per second. To perform these maneuvers, four motors are installed on the device. The rotational speed of the propellers is the determining factor. The density of air is much lower than that of water, so drone propellers must spin very fast to generate lift, but slow down considerably underwater to provide the necessary thrust. The first tests of the unique device were successful.

For now, it is only a small prototype. In the future, the authors intend to create a machine almost two meters wide, capable of lifting and carrying through the air objects removed from the water. According to experts from the New Scientist magazine, the main problem with such equipment will be additional waterproofing of the machine, which will significantly affect its efficiency. Such an amphibious drone can participate in search and rescue operations that require both aerial and underwater reconnaissance, inspection of engineering and industrial areas.

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