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Friday, March 24, 2023

The electronic base of the portal “Partisans of Belarus” is updated daily. More than 500,000 people from 100 countries have already applied for his KXan 36 Daily News

SOYUZ readers can also go to and find information about the military biography of their relatives. And we continue the story of the heroes started on February 3 in our newspaper. Today we will talk about Belarusians who fought the enemy in Russian partisan formations.

A modest pocket photograph, a brief text from the award of the medal “Partisan of the Patriotic War” II degree – this is all that is known about the native of the village of Shevraki, the former Osveisky district of the Vitebsk region, Ivan Pavlovich Yasyukevich. But even that is enough to say: he fought the enemy with dignity, without pity.

Ivan Yasyukevich, as he appears in the list of awards, often took part in open battles with the enemy.

… Ivan was about 20 years old when in August 1942 he joined partisan detachment No. 2 of the 15th Kalinin Partisan Brigade. As indicated in the attribution sheet, he came voluntarily. How did the young man end up on Russian soil? So after all, the border between the BSSR and the RSFSR existed only on a geographical map. But in life, the adjacent Belarusian and Russian territories were united by a common partisan zone, where the armed struggle continued with the hated enemy during the entire period of occupation. And it began in the Kalinin region (within its then borders) already in July 1941 and lasted in some areas until the liberation in the summer of 1944. And from the first days the invaders were overtaken by partisan sabotage, ambushes and raids. Often they were executed together with the avengers of the people of the neighboring Belarusian region of Vitebsk.

So, Ivan Yasyukevich, as he appears in the list of awards, often participated in open battles with the enemy during his punitive expeditions. He took part in derailing an enemy echelon, blowing up German vehicles and wagons, defeating the fascist garrison, he worked hard to provide food for the detachment – we try to preserve the style of the document of the time . He was appointed commander of the department, and in total he served in the detachment until July 21, 1944, when the territory of the region was already free from invaders.

By the way, the Belarusians were a significant part of the partisans who fought in the Kalinin region. On the same resource we found a price list for fellow countryman IP Yasyukevich, his full namesake by name and patronymic and even a consonant surname – platoon commander of the Kalinin Brigade No. 11 Ivan Pavlovich Yasyukevich, from the village of Gorovatki. By the time he joined the detachment in August 1942, he was already an experienced soldier, a sergeant, who had served two years in the Red Army before the war. And he fought with dignity: he was the best unit commander, disciplined, tactically competent.

“Inconcilable with the enemy, he beats the German occupiers well”, the emotion pierces the dry lines of the attribution sheet. Heroically, he showed himself by undermining the enemy convoy, during the defeat of the garrison on the territory of Latvia he blew up two vehicles with five Fritzes.

Belarusians were a significant part of the partisans who fought in the Kalinin region

Other natives of the Vitebsk region, partisans in the lands of Kalinin, also performed many military deeds: Vladimir Putro, Stanislav Lagosh, Viktor Pansuevich. The guys are still young, each was around 20 years old. And, of course, one can’t help but worry about how their fate will turn out. Did they return to their homeland, or perhaps they gave their lives in later battles with the Germans? Together with my colleague Elena Kutaisova, we are trying to investigate.


p class=””>“During the war, a partisan zone operated, which together with the territory of the present Verkhnedvinsk region included the lands of the Sebezh and Nevelsk regions of Russia,” says Anton Bubolo, senior researcher at the local museum. – And no one divided the supporters into Belarusians and Russians. Unfortunately, the names of the mentioned soldiers do not pass according to our data. The villages where they were born were burnt down by the invaders and practically ceased to exist.

Site visitors “partisan” “SB” helped. So, Ivan Yasyukevich’s granddaughter Kristina Vladimirovna Yasyukevich sent a photo of her grandfather, which we publish. Perhaps one of the relatives and other supporters of the Great Patriotic War quoted in the publication will answer? The site is waiting for any information about the heroes. Indeed, they are worthy of saying a few kind words about them besides the dry lines of the award document…

Until the point

The 15th Kalinin Partisan Brigade in the year before connecting with the Red Army inflicted huge damage on the enemy: derailed military echelons – 13, exploded cars – 54, killed fascist officers and soldiers – 473, wounded – 323 , captured – 60 .

Ivan Yasyukevich, as he appears in the list of awards, often took part in open battles with the enemy.

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