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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Economist Dmitry Lekukh – on the West’s energy transition policy and its results Daily News


Anyway, answer something not to them, but to other people. The same “incident of Khoja Nasreddin”, which stated that after a specified interval of time, either Allah, the Merciful and Merciful, will call the great padishah to himself, or simpler forces will call the useless donkey to himself -even.

But – no, everything is much more interesting here. And, frankly, funnier.

It is you and I who, against the background of events in Ukraine, have the right to forget the “climate agenda”, Greta Thunberg and the “green transition policy”. According to which oil consumption in the world should be further reduced. But there is another, more interesting point of view.

This may be nonsense in our opinion, especially in the context of the ongoing geopolitical tectonics, but many people have already invested a lot of money in this nonsense. And now, you know, it’s not funny at all. So what “who” believes that cars must necessarily run solely on batteries, otherwise someone else has not calculated their due. And under this it is necessary to provide a theoretical basis.

And here is the latest example: almost simultaneously with the “historic” decision of the European Parliament to ban the production of cars with internal combustion engines, during a speech at a conference in Oslo, Norway, the President of the ‘International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, officially announced the need to reduce the consumption of petroleum and petroleum products. Moreover, he also did it under amusing circumstances, which will be discussed below, but for now, let’s just remember that the IEA, with all its international authority, represents the interests of anyone, but not the oil producers, but also the gas, the atom, the coal. and all other energy.

The AIE exclusively represents consumers. Specifically, “representing their interests” intermediaries, speculators and wholesalers, as well as other institutions of modern consumer society. And in general, the IEA was created, believe it or not, on the initiative and under the organizational tutelage of the United States, during the severe energy crisis of the 70s of the last century. With the officially stated objective of confronting the OPEC “cartel”.

And with such an anamnesis, especially if you are a doctor employed by pharmacists, turn around as you see fit, but follow the course of treatment. So it turns out, like Fatih Birol, who can only sympathize: to accomplish this, it takes considerable courage, sorry. The very case of the comments only spoils: “Global oil and gas industry profit in 2022 jumped to about $4 trillion from an average of $1.5 trillion in recent years,” Reuters quotes the head of the IEA.

And that is why, according to Birol, it is urgent that producing countries diversify their economies! Because it is badly built on these erroneous incomes and therefore “in the long run”, believe me, it will inevitably fall. This is how it should be, apparently, “the theory and practice of a great energy transition”. In terms of process, not result. And to understand what, in theory, should come out of it in the end, just imagine something from this very bright future: for example, absolutely environmentally and climatically clean, going somewhere quietly on electric batteries and reloaded at home, for example, a German Leopard tank. Or, better yet, the American Abrams.

Well, I don’t know. Personally, I lack imagination. But it might even be funny.

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