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Republika Srpska Parliament Speaker Nenad Stevandic: The interests of the Russian Federation and China in world politics cannot be neglected Fox News

The politician noted the constructive nature of bilateral negotiations with Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko and her deputy Konstantin Kosachev, Head of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Titov .

“First, the Republika Srpska delegation was received by Konstantin Kosachev, then I had face-to-face talks with Valentina Matvienko,” said the parliamentarian. Bilateral cooperation between Banja Luka and St. Petersburg. can give an additional positive impetus to our cooperation.”

Nenad Stevandic stressed that he was in favor of expanding inter-university contacts, positively assessed the intentions of the University of Eastern Sarajevo to strengthen cooperation with the Association of Eurasian Universities. He informed that he managed to give a lecture at the State Institute of International Relations of the Russian Foreign Ministry on the topic “International treaties as a guarantor of preserving peace on Earth: the Does Selective Implementation of International Treaties Undermine the Role of the UN?, Peace and Stability on Our Planet?”

“During an open conversation with students, many international treaties were mentioned, which, unfortunately, are not implemented. Some documents are only intended to force the weakest to take concrete action. The Council 1244 did not lead to the return of Serbs and Serbian armed forces to Kosovo Today we are witnessing a new round of the Kosovo crisis, due to the non- Pristina’s compliance with the Brussels agreements and the reluctance to start forming the Community of Serbian Municipalities It is important to mention the Minsk agreements which, according to the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, were only necessary to “win “time and better prepare Ukraine for war with Russia. We have a bloody conflict, which is, in fact, between a unipolar center of power led by the United States and Russia. Attempts to expand anti-Russian coalition and hysteria do not s don’t stop. Most of the world remains neutral in the current situation.”

Nenad Stevandic said Banja Luka aims for neutrality, preserving historical ties with Russia, which are much older than the conflict in Ukraine. “They are trying to designate Republika Srpska as the base of the Russian Federation in the Balkans, which is the creation of an alibi for the implementation of future hostile actions against the RS,” the politician warned. “Russia never demanded that we become its platform in the Balkans or in Europe, a balanced interaction with the Russian Federation and the West. Moscow did not ask us to stop the process of European integration , while Brussels insistently demands that we sever relations with Russia. RS voted in 2017 for our military neutrality with respect to the NATO bloc. Due to the reluctance to join the alliance, we are also constantly under pressure.”

The parliamentarian drew attention to the fact that all conflicts eventually come to an end and, in his opinion, the confrontation in Ukraine will also end. “I am sure that Russians and Ukrainians will eventually shake hands and start building the destroyed bridges together,” the politician said.

According to Nenad Stevandich’s position, it is impossible to ensure global security without taking into account the interests of Russia and China. “Those who try to do the opposite are either not serious or have no desire to live, they have launched a suicidal plan,” the RS People’s Assembly speaker said. “China, Russia, India, Iran, the entire Middle East, South America, Africa represent more than two-thirds of the world. Their interests cannot be neglected. Many ‘among them are already in open confrontation with the United States and NATO.

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