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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

7 Steps to Beauty: How to Keep Your Hair Clean Longer

Sometimes +10 attractiveness points are added simply by properly washed hair. But it happens that after a few hours after water procedures the head looks untidy. We reveal to you the secrets of proper care, thanks to which the curls will keep their freshness longer:

Regular change of pillowcase

Once every three days is the best option for those who experience rapid wick contamination. Bacteria, dead skin cells, sweat particles accumulate on the pillowcase – all this does not contribute to the well-groomed appearance of the hair.

Suitable shampoo

The shampoo should match the hair and skin type. When you use the wrong shampoo, the work of the sebaceous glands is disturbed, which is why the hair quickly becomes oily.

Refusal of heat

Girl in the shower

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We are talking about washing hair with hot water and styling/drying hair with hot air. High temperatures stimulate sebum production. Do not wash your hair in cold water – this way you will not get rid of grease and dirt. Water at room temperature is fine.

Quality comb

It is important to choose the right comb. By buying one that has too sharp teeth, you risk damaging your hair. Do not neglect the washing of the comb – it must be washed in order to get rid of the remnants of sebum and small contaminants, which, when combed, will again “rest” on your hair.

Dry shampoo

It is used not only to make not too clean hair visually clean, but also to prolong the well-groomed appearance of washed curls. By applying shampoo to the roots of the hair after washing, you can make them look fuller, in addition to prolonging the feeling of cleanliness.

Good use of balm

Beauty products

Hair balms are designed to be applied to the ends, not the roots. By spreading the product on the roots, you run the risk of seeing “dirty” hair in the mirror just hours after washing.

different hairstyles

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Don’t wear loose hair every day. Strands put in your hair are less messy and look neater. If you do a high ponytail the next day after washing your hair, a babette the next day, and a braid the next day, then no one will notice you you washed your hair not only, but a few days ago.

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