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Sunday, December 3, 2023
WorldAsiaIn Adygea, an "unidentified plane" went down. Before that, drones attacked Bryansk and Belgorod

In Adygea, an “unidentified plane” went down. Before that, drones attacked Bryansk and Belgorod

On the night of February 28, an “unidentified plane” fell in the village of Novy in Adygea. About it in my telegram channel informed head of the republic Murat Kumpilov. Combat drones have also been sighted in other regions of Russia.
According to Kumpilov, there were no casualties or injuries. At the same time, a building on one of the breeding farms was damaged. A team of investigators is working at the scene of the incident.
Information later confirmed Ministry of Defense of Russia. According to the agency, at night “the Kiev regime tried to use drones” in the Krasnodar Territory and Adygea, and the drones were suppressed by electronic warfare units.
How writing Astra, citing sources, the head of the Ayryumovsky rural settlement, Oleg Kovalenko, turned to emergency services and said he heard an explosion at two in the morning in the Novy district. Subsequently, in a field near the village, rescuers found two craters with a diameter of about two meters and a depth of about 50 cm, as well as the wreckage of a plane, notes the chain Telegram.
source shot complaints that a Soviet drone “Strizh” or “Reis” could fall near the village. telegram channel published video showing the moment the alleged drone crashed.

Other drone incidents

On the night of February 28, a fire broke out in an outbuilding on the territory of the Tuapse tank farm in the Krasnodar Territory. According to Baza and SHOT, two drones attacked the tank farm. RIA Novosti too writing that in the area of ​​the oil depot “a drone was spotted”. There has been no official confirmation of this information.
On the same day, in the Bryansk region above the Surazh district, the Russian army shot down a drone, informed Governor of the region Alexandre Bogomaz.
In Belgorod, in turn, four drones fell. According to Baza, two of them fell near residential buildings, one crashed into a wall, and its fragments fell into one of the apartments. The explosive devices that were attached to the three drones were defused. At the same time, the fourth drone crashed into the roof of the supermarket and exploded, after which the building caught fire.
On February 28, the St. Petersburg government also reported that Pulkovo airport temporarily does not receive or send planes. Airspace has been temporarily closed over the city. According to Baza, “112” and “Fontanka”, the reason for this decision was an unidentified object that was noticed in the air. The Ministry of Defense then explained the closing of the skies by training in air defense.

Ukrainian drones have repeatedly attacked Russian territory. In particular, in December 2022, drones attacked the Engels military airfield in the Saratov region, as well as Dyagilevo in the Ryazan region. Head of Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) Kirill Budanov noted that sabotage in Russia, including with the help of drones, will continue until “the territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored”.

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