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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Lukashenko announced his support for China’s initiatives in the field of international security and development


During the meeting, BELTAthe Belarusian leader warmly congratulated the leader of the PRC on the great confidence of the Chinese people in the Congress of the Communist Party of China and wished the entire leadership of the country success in shaping the decisions of the party forum.

Recalling that this is already the thirteenth visit to the Celestial Empire, the Belarusian leader admitted that for him each new meeting with the country does not become just another discovery of an original country. “It is also an opportunity to observe colossal changes in development, to adopt a unique experience.”

During talks with the President of the PRC, the agency reports, the leader of Belarus confirmed his support for China’s initiatives in the field of international security, which coincides with the Belarusian view of the situation on the scene. world, as well as initiatives aimed at resuming a broad international dialogue to strengthen confidence-building measures, security and cooperation in Europe.

Noting that the current meeting is taking place at a very difficult time, requiring new, non-standard approaches and responsible political decisions, the President underlined that they should aim, above all, to prevent a slide towards a global confrontation in which not be not winners.

He also confirmed that the Chinese leader’s initiative on the theme of development fully coincides with the Belarusian vision. “We immediately joined the mechanisms to promote it and are ready for the joint preparation and implementation of projects in Belarus,” the president said.

Minsk, he said, is also extremely interested “in deepening cooperation with China on technological development, including the establishment of joint ventures, the modernization of Belarusian enterprises with the introduction of modern Chinese technologies and the promotion of goods and services on the markets of third countries.”

In turn, welcoming the guest, Xi Jinping said that the new status of bilateral relations with Belarus should be filled with new content. “Today we have a good opportunity to draw up a plan for the whole bilateral relationship and adopt a joint statement,” the Chinese leader said, expressing confidence that the Belarusian president’s visit would be very fruitful.

Noting that the heads of state are united by a strong unswerving friendship and a common will to develop Sino-Belarusian relations, Xi Jinping reiterated that “in the context of instability and turmoil in the international situation, China is actively willing to continue joint efforts with Belarus”. strengthen mutual political trust and practical cooperation in the interests of dynamic, healthy and sustainable development of bilateral relations”.

And the potential for bilateral projects, according to experts, is huge. “Belarusian automakers are interested in studying the skills and technologies of Chinese companies in forming a component base, producing engines, transmissions, axles and other units,” Lukashenko told his counterpart . He proposed the establishment of joint ventures in the field of machine tool construction and electric transport, the production of parts for agricultural machinery in the two countries.

“Cooperation will help to increase the competitiveness of products,” the Belarusian leader is convinced, expressing a number of proposals during the talks in line with joint work in the field of socio-economic development and modernization.

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