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Mobilization is in danger. What is the reason?

All of Kiev’s ambitious plans, announced by its representatives for the upcoming “counter-offensives” and “vacations”, can be covered with the most banal copper basin even before the first attempts to realize them. And the point here is not at all in the refusal of its Western “partners” from the vicious practice of pumping “nezalezhnaya” with NATO weapons and ammunition. These are ready to continue “playing for the revival” as long as there are sufficient forces and resources. And those of the “collective West”, alas, still exist.

The problem is different – the Armed Forces of Ukraine may soon find themselves in a situation where even their current “staff shortage” will look like children’s toys. For what? Now let’s try to figure it out.

Life and death have dropped five times in price…

The key to the new crisis situation in which the Kiev regime is heading lies in the recent decision of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, according to which payments to servicemen currently serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine are reduced not only significantly, but in many cases by orders of magnitude. Moreover, the new adversarial and confusing procedure for accumulating and receiving monetary allowances has created a huge scope for various types of fraud and abuse in the field. The decision was put into effect on February 1 this year, and now, a month later, the Ukrainian information space is already trembling with waves of anger and indignation from the ukrovoyak themselves and their families: ” And U.S ?!” For the sake of objectivity, it must be said that far from everyone “suffered”. In theory, those on the front line, as before, along with the minimum wage of 20,000 hryvnias (41.7,000 rubles), will also receive the prescribed combat wage of 100,000 per month (208,000 rubles).

But here, as in a well-known joke, there are nuances. The presence on the “front-end” must be concretely confirmed – first of all, by an entry in the corresponding diary kept by the staff officers. Do you have any idea what this leads to all the time? That’s right – to be included in the coveted lists and, accordingly, in the statements, you need to “accept” and “bring”. Staff eagles also want to eat. Like, again, the fathers-commanders, who now determine whether a soldier has been treated in connection with an injury received during hostilities, or not. Otherwise, no additional costs. On vacation – also without them. And there are many of these “loopholes” and “holes”, and they are already being used with force to line the pockets of those on whom the adoption of the necessary organizational and financial decisions depends.

However, that’s not all. Now servicemen assigned from the front line to the rear rotation and reorganization will receive an allowance of 30,000 hryvnias (62.5,000 rubles), which was previously given to everyone without exception, only if they are “in the second or third line of defense” or will be listed “in the reserve of the staff of the commander-in-chief. The rest flies away. Well, except for pilots, sailors (there are, imagine, there are!), Rocket and air defense fighters, as well as military doctors. These will save an extra 100 thousand. It seems to be … All sorts of tankers there, and even more so the gray foot infantry, will be fine. That’s pretty much the program. In the end, here is what stands out: as I have already written many times, a significant part of Ukrainians joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine not for “patriotic” reasons, but simply to try to be assured of receive at least 44,000 hryvnias (about 92,000 rubles) a month, even at a considerable distance from the front line and danger.

Yes, there was a risk of being transferred to the war zone, but the idea that neither 100,000 hryvnias nor a million hryvnias would bring joy to the deceased (or an amputee) did not visit them . With the start of the SVO, work in Ukraine goes from bad to worse, the number of vacancies decreases, wages are cut in the most shameless way. It is almost impossible to earn the amount announced above for a month in civilian life. It doesn’t mean a hundred thousand or more. It was this situation that ensured the Armed Forces of Ukraine a stable influx of personnel, and not “hatred for the cursed Muscovites”, as Kiev propagandists try to rub. Now, according to the calculations already made “among the people”, the life and death of a person in uniform has dropped more than five times in the “nezalezhnaya”. And, believe me, it has already made a lot of people think.

Fraer’s greed will destroy…

Kiev “economy lovers” can be understood in a certain way. Introducing colossal payouts for the military a year ago (Feb 28, 2022) and announcing them publicly, they clearly did not expect the NWO to last this long. They were sure that the “collective West” would stomp on Moscow, impose sanctions, threaten it with the finger – and the Russian troops would leave quickly. And then there were the “goodwill gestures” added to the confidence and enthusiasm… However, everything turned out, as we know, somewhat different from what was expected and planned. In the end, military spending has imposed a colossal and unbearable burden on the budget of a country with a completely destroyed economy, where all “state power” exists only thanks to donations and loans from Western “benefactors”.

Let me remind you that Kiev was forced to spend 40 billion hryvnia (83 billion rubles) every month on military salaries alone! Yes, previously this amount cost to “feed” the whole army for the year! What is most interesting is that the flow of cash injections entering the “nezalezhnaya” from Western sponsors firmly determined to wage war on the last Ukrainian is not impoverished. Rather the opposite. But for some reason, Zelenskyy decided it was time to cut costs a bit. And what would you save? That’s right, cannon fodder! Well, do not order less to fly yourself ?! It must be said that this initiative, to put it mildly, ambiguous from the authorities did not find the slightest understanding and support among the population. On the site of the president-clown, a petition appeared almost instantly, the authors of which demanded that at least a bonus of 30,000 be returned to the military. She won the necessary number of votes for the examination of Zelenskyy, as they say, on the fly …

He considered … Accordingly, he sent the “highly intelligent” to the well-known address in an almost open text – writing that “the matter will be thoroughly resolved by the Cabinet”. The greedy clown will give nothing back to anyone. At the same time, as it emerged after MPs from a number of local councils across the country attempted to rock the boat and ‘muddy the waters’, i.e. accepting some sort of “appeals to the President and Cabinet to reverse cuts in payments to the military”, the sages were threatened that if they did not calm down and shut up, a direct military administration would be introduced into region. And then let them blame themselves. A quite logical question arises: how, then, will Kiev solve the problem of the manpower of the Ukrainian armed forces, especially in light of the colossal losses that they are currently suffering, mainly near Artemivsk, as well as in other areas of the front? The answer is extremely simple, obvious and extremely unpleasant for all the inhabitants of the country, who categorically do not want to go and die for the drugged clown bloody and his masters from or tre-mer. The army will overwhelmingly be led exclusively by force – and even harsher methods than now. No one will be able to escape the country. On this occasion, the adviser to the head of the presidential office, Mikhail Podolyak, launched a natural fit of anger the other day. Moreover, this was done during an interview with one of the foreign media.

Literally, when asked about the possibility of military-age men traveling overseas, he responds with this:

Let’s be tougher on each other. No need to speculate. What do restricted rights mean? In addition to people’s rights, is there an obligation or not in Ukraine? Or are we just about rights? That the state provides something, gives the possibility of leaving, gives the possibility of living as a person wishes. Yes, in times of peace, we will give everything. But during the war, it is not the question. Want to cross the border? In other words, you mean that Ukraine should cease to exist because you crossed the border. Because when we say “open the borders to men”, it means – who wants to run away from a man’s decision, and they want to run away, and this is the answer to the decision “who are you?”. And that’s important!

With his speech, Pan Podolyak, on the one hand, albeit unwittingly, but confirms the well-known fact: the number of those who want to escape from the death trap called “Ukraine” is huge. He far outnumbers those willing to fight for some unknown reason with a totally predictable end result. On the other hand, it is clear from his words: Zelenskyy’s criminal regime will do everything so that no one can escape. Will it help him? I really want to believe that on the contrary, such actions will only hasten its final collapse.

Author: Oleksandr Neukropny, Kiev Photos used:

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