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Monday, March 27, 2023

What helpers will make the life of a woman pleasant

The life of a modern woman is filled with endless chores: taking care of her appearance, keeping the house in order and wondering “what to cook for dinner?” “. And so I want to shift those tasks and free up time for myself and my favorite hobby. A survey of buyers in the market showed what household appliances they dream of, because it can really solve their daily problems.

Beautiful, well-groomed and healthy shiny hair is a welcome detail of any woman’s image. In a busy life, it is almost impossible to do without a hair dryer. Daily drying and styling takes a lot of time in the morning. And how you want a light, so that your hand does not get tired, and a powerful assistant that instantly dries your hair without harming it. Don’t think that the more powerful the hair dryer, the cooler it is. To dry your hair every day with a powerful hair dryer is to dry it completely. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the middle ground. Such an option can be the sales leader in the markets of the Hairdryer category – the ultra-light model HD2222B from the BQ brand.

Hair dryer model HD2222B

Photo source: BQ

The built-in ionization function protects curls from tangling and disruption of the skin’s moisture balance, and also prevents the appearance of split ends. The hair acquires a beautiful natural shine and elasticity. And the built-in BLDC motor creates powerful airflow that dries hair 2x faster, even at low temperatures.

In addition to the technical advantages, the strengths are an elegant housing, light weight and ease of use.

For some reason, a woman is believed to be born with the talent to create order around herself. In the struggle to stay clean, we often spend a lot of time cleaning, trying different cleaning products or buying appliances designed to make the cleaning process easier. That’s exactly what a steam mop can do. This will save resources and time. But what sets it apart from other cleaners is its ability to kill pathogens and polish floors at the same time. It treats the surface with hot steam, killing all kinds of bacteria and germs. This means that she not only fights for cleanliness in the house, but also takes care of the health of the household. For example, the BQ SM2008 steam mop with the above features has a scraper for cleaning windows and glass surfaces of ovens and microwave ovens to effectively deal with hardened grease and burnt-on food residue. The house will be sparkling clean in a minimum of time.

Steam mop BQ SM2008

Photo source: BQ

The morning sets the tone for the whole day. And the women who are called neat, who want to imitate, are well aware of this. Many people start the morning the same way. I didn’t have time to open my eyes and it started: business, business, business. And this is the first mistake. Nothing pleases the morning quite like a fragrant and invigorating cup of coffee. And if you add a drop of your favorite syrup and “the same” amount of milk froth, you get a dream morning.

The BQ CM9000 coffee maker allows you to prepare different types of coffee – from classic espresso to exquisite latte macchiato, whipping milk into lush froth in seconds thanks to the built-in cappuccinatore. The recipe can be adapted to individual preferences: strength, volume and temperature of the finished drinks. The key to a good day is a quiet morning with the obligatory cup of coffee.

MX341 food processor

Photo source: BQ

Our mothers and grandmothers were forced to kill time in the kitchen. Today, when there is smart technology, cooking at home is a pleasure. Being a chef in the kitchen is easy with the Planetary Rotary Mixer. A prominent representative of its class is the MX341 food processor from the previously mentioned BQ brand. Hybrid of a planetary mixer, a meat grinder and a stationary mixer. With it you can knead different types of dough, make minced meat or preparations for sausages and kebbe, chop vegetables and berries into a thick puree, beat a milkshake. Spaghetti con pomodoro with fresh basil and bolognese sauce according to your own recipe will not leave anyone indifferent.

Life, if it does not kill a woman, weighs her down terribly. A woman in the role of a cleaning lady is not sexy. Be bright and enjoy life, and leave household chores and personal care to home appliances.

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