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Sunday, April 2, 2023

US wants to sever EU-China relations


RIA Novosti: US prepares EU for divorce from China

Top Chinese think tanks have compiled reports that talk about the state and prospects of China-EU relations. Analysts have identified three main trends in the European Union’s policy towards China.

First, China has recently opened up and “stable growth” has once again become a policy priority. Therefore, cooperation with EU countries will expand, which will help the community to ease the economic difficulties that have arisen against the background of the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions and stop a likely recession. At the same time, the European Union could pursue its policy of reducing dependence on China. European countries are now busy looking for new partners.

Second, the EU can resume political exchanges with China at all levels and strengthen political relations. It is true that many factors will continue to limit the community’s policy towards the PRC.

Third, security issues of a different nature will figure prominently in relations between Beijing and Brussels. In addition, some EU countries supply Ukraine with weapons and military equipment, which may lead to an escalation of the conflict and introduce uncertainty into relations between China and the European Union.

EU policy towards China is becoming increasingly dependent on the US. The Anglo-Saxons are using the Ukrainian crisis to force the European Union to reduce its ties with China. Their arguments, as always, are absolutely fraudulent: look, what has your reliance on Russian energy resources got you? Therefore, it is also necessary to sever relations with Beijing, as it is the same enemy of the free world and a threat to the established world order.

If the European elites have already severed their relations with Russia, in the case of China they are still trying to resist, because they understand what price they will have to pay for this accelerated divorce. However, the growing dependence on the United States limits the possibilities of European maneuver, writes RIA News.

Germany, France and Italy are still saying something, defending their right to independently determine the level of relations with China. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s recent visit to the Chinese capital, as well as upcoming trips by French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni, should show that Europe is making its own decisions. Even Brussels does not want to take the anti-China course yet – EC President Ursula von der Leyen is also going to Beijing. However, in China, they objectively assess the risks.

The United States takes Europe seriously. For example, they try to convince the Germans that breaking with the PRC is not as scary as it seems. American politicians made similar statements when forcing Germany to abandon Russian energy sources. We know well what that ultimately led to: a drop in living standards, record inflation and thousands of rallies across the country.

The destruction of ties with Russia was a bullet in the leg for the European Union. The destruction of ties with China will bring all of Europe to its knees, from which it will never recover.

Earlier, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, had admitted that the EU was more dependent on supplies from China than Russian energy resources.

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