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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Your cherished photographs and moving images are at risk. Vulnerabilities have been exposed that enable cyber criminals to breach the “iPhone”. Here is how you can safeguard yourself.


Technology experts have identified two errors in the Apple operating system, less than 10 days after the technology giant revealed other errors that it suffers from. "iOS 16" According to a report by the Daily Mail.

The latest discovery allows cybercriminals to bypass security protections and run malicious code to access users’ photos and messages, as well as their address book and calendar.

There are several ways to protect your personal information from hackers lurking in the shadows, such as using only trusted apps in the App Store and not opening messages from unknown users.

Apple recently added new security vulnerabilities to its product security update page, urging users to download "iOS 16.3.1" to fix problems.

The privacy experts co "Vpn Overview" Information Security has information about two vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-23520) and (CVE-2023-23531) that allow attackers to bypass the cryptographic signature process and run malicious code outside the security sandbox.

said Christopher Bolfstein, of "Vpn Overview" in a statement "Apple has strict restrictions about what software can run on devices. And it is allowed "Android" By downloading third party apps, that is why we usually see more malware for Android "android".

According to Bolfstein, it includes part of the safety measures "All Apple-approved apps are signed with a developer certificate. These apps are also limited in the actions they can take" Such as knowing the geographical location or entering phone addresses.

These vulnerabilities allow cybercriminals to access calendars, addresses, photos, videos, and stored files.

It is possible for hackers to spy on users using their audio or video microphones.

And I participated "Vpn Overview" Tips on how to protect your personal information.

These tips include:

** Use trusted app only.

** Do not trust unknown devices when connecting a device "iPhone" your.

** When you connect your smartphone to a computer to charge it, a notification appears on the screen asking if the device should be trusted, select Always "Disallow".

** urges "Vpn Overview" Users not to click likes or open messages from unknown senders and to keep their devices updated with the latest operating system.

Apple has added the previous vulnerabilities – identified earlier this month – to its Homeland Security Warning List.

The company says it does not disclose, discuss or confirm security issues "Until an investigation is made and patches or versions are available". According to Al Jazeera Net.

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