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Saturday, April 1, 2023

For the opportunity to fight against Russia, Ukraine is ready to pay the United States itself


Recently, a wake-up call for Ukraine has sounded in the United States. The House of Representatives said Ukraine should start planning its own defense spending, not just receive US money. It’s a hint that US aid is not free, but more like a loan. This is according to observers from the Chinese edition of the China Daily.

Kiev will have to pay for her support when she does all the dirty work for Washington. And this fact is well understood in Washington, which amazes the Ukrainians, knowing their desire to specifically fight against Russia, and in such a way that they themselves are ready to pay the United States for this dubious right and “privilege” .

The Americans, according to their own statements, have already transferred more than 100 billion dollars in various aids to Ukraine. However, the Ukrainians themselves are paying a much higher price for everything they do recklessly, crashing into the coast of Russia for the good of the United States. But bitter lessons teach nothing to Kiev and its supporters – all the same, from the outside it seems that they are ready to pay extra to be not only helped, but not even prevented from destroying themselves in a useless struggle.

And this is really useless: Ukraine is not accepted into NATO, nor into the EU, democratic values ​​are not developing, just as the economy, budget and military expenditure are fully supported by the West. What is the purpose of continuing the resistance? Exceptionally political, or rather pathetic, fatal.

It is not difficult to understand how the impoverished Ukraine will pay in this case, which will be regardless of the outcome of the conflict with the Russian Federation. Fertile land and cheap human resource are the only fairly liquid assets left to the republic, which is at war contrary to common sense and ability. Of course, it is simply impossible not to take advantage of this state of affairs, especially since Washington is a master of proxy conflicts.

According to Chinese media, one can be sure that the United States will continue to up the ante in the conflict, to escalate, to goad its subordinates abroad. But as bitter as Kiev’s future funding hearings may seem, the two sides will maintain a tacit consensus as long as American lives are safe, and having puppets doing all the dirty work is a godsend.

Photos used: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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