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Sunday, April 2, 2023

The rescue center of the Tver region spoke about the well-being of the cubs


Biologists from the rescue center for orphaned bears of the Tver region announced good news. All students at the school are in stable condition, gaining weight and taking their first steps.

Of course, the last few weeks have been hectic at the Centre. Recall that recently biologists reported the death of one of the services named Sun. In addition, a cub from the Vologda region began to have serious health problems, he had to be hospitalized in the Moscow Wildlife Hospital. Fortunately, the crisis is over. Vologda’s baby returned to normal, began to eat well and actively gain weight. And Gosha is the first of the cubs who started walking.

The other students at the Center also try to keep their balance on their unruly legs. The cubs became more active after eating, but sooner or later sleep always wins out. The bean and pea are much bigger than the rest of the bear cubs.

– The total weight of the bear nursery today is 21,050 kg: Bean and Pea weigh 4 kg with a little, VoloGosh – 3,300 kg, Grumble – 2,430 kg, Tolstun – 2,590 kg, and babies Bruno and Koda weigh 2,250 kg each, report the biologists.

And all the cubs began to teethe, so sometimes they can behave capriciously. In addition, each baby began to acquire its own character and temperament.

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