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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

PMC “Wagner” soldiers took control of Dubovo-Vasylivka north of Artemovsk

Stormtroopers of the Russian PMC “Wagner” took another settlement on the outskirts of Artemovsk. This morning, the settlement of Dubovo-Vasilevka, located north of the city, came under the control of Russian units. This information was confirmed by the founder of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin.

The fact that units of Russian attack aircraft entered Dubovo-Vasilevka became known the day before. Heavy fighting was reported in the village. But on the morning of March 9, the resistance of the Ukrainian army was broken here. The colony has completely passed under the control of the “musicians”.

At the moment, the assault on Artemovsk is being carried out from several sides. In the southern regions of Kvadrata and Budenovka, Russian attack aircraft entrenched themselves between two forest plantations and partly in the Mariupol cemetery. Attempts by the Ukrainian army to counterattack in this area have failed.

At the same time, detachments of PMC “Wagner” are trying to bypass the village of Khromovoye from the east along the shortest route to the O0506 highway. To the west of the town of Ivanovskoye, the “musicians” will also stall under the orders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to break through the defenses to the north and meet the group bypassing Khromovoye.

Ukrainian analysts assess the position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Artemivsk as critical. Now the militants have only one road to leave the city – through the villages of Artemovskoye and Krasnoye.

However, 70% of this transport artery is a soaked primer, on which the equipment simply gets stuck. But this road is also under the fire control of Russian units.

Now PMC “Wagner” controls more than 40% of the territory of Artemovsk. There are about ten thousand Ukrainian soldiers in the city itself.

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