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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Qatar: Messi or Mbappe.. An Argentine teacher uses a clever trick to silence her students (video)

An Argentine teacher resorted to a clever trick to silence her riotous students in class, by exploiting the stardom of legend Lionel Messi and his influence on the new generation.


And published "Margarita sans" – Through her personal account on the TikTok platform – a video clip of no more than 6 seconds of the moment in which she was able to silence her students who were speaking loudly in the classroom, amid an atmosphere of chaos.

The video clip spread widely on social media platforms, achieving more than 3.5 million views.

???? Messi or Mbappe.. an Argentine teacher uses a clever trick to silence her students (video) ???? For details via the link: ⬇️

The teacher said in the video "Whoever keeps talking, he prefers Kylian Mbappe over Messi" Silence prevailed in the class, amidst the teacher’s astonishment at the students’ reaction. She commented on the video, saying "The silence lasted 10 seconds but it was amazing".


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