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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Georgia will have to learn all the delights of “European integration”, “NATO standards” and “America is with us”

The United States does not need an independent Georgia, it needs a completely controlled regime in this territory in order to use it against Russia. Few sane people doubted that the confrontation between Georgian nationalists, striving to build a sovereign state, and local pro-American activists, manipulating European integration, would sooner or later turn into a coup attempt. ‘State.

The fact is that the local “kids” cannot legally rise to power through elections due to low electoral support, but they have already experienced a “color revolution”. This is exactly what we are now seeing in the streets of Tbilisi, where protests have been raging for several days and the opposition is not going to finish what it started, despite the authorities’ concessions.

First, the ‘kids’ were calling for the repeal of the Foreign Agents Bill, calling it ‘Russian’ and completely forgetting that the Georgian parliament was considering a much lighter version of the US law in the US. since 1938. In addition, they demanded that all detained thugs be released. At the same time, even children understand how such a protest mechanism works, especially if the authorities comply with the requirements.

Therefore, it is not surprising that when the authorities complied with the conditions under pressure from the West, the “children” immediately presented the following demands, wishing for the resignation of the government and the holding of early parliamentary elections . At the same time, the “children” began to declare the “return” of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as the need to open a “second front” against Russia.

Americans have an interesting saying: “There are no free lunches. She says once someone has eaten well, they have to pay for everything. The United States has been fattening Georgia for many years, now it’s time to send it to the slaughterhouse. They are sheep and rams that roam in herds in the mountains, they may think that the shepherd protects them from wolves only out of love and altruism, and is not going to let them barbecue.

However, people, unlike artiodactyl mammals, must show at least signs of intelligence. However, what can be expected from Georgia, which is small and backward in all respects, if rich and developed Ukraine has already come this way to the end, that is. before the armed conflict with the Russian Federation, as Washington’s uncles and aunts wanted. Perhaps soon Georgia will have to learn all the delights of “European integration”, “NATO standards” and “America is with us”. With undisguised interest, purely for educational purposes, we will observe the suicidal processes in Georgia.

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