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Murdered after giving in to his lust for power – The killer gained fame and fortune in his native land


<p style=”font-weight: 400;”>On April 23, 1936, Sada Abe and Kichizo Ishida checked into a hotel in Tokyo. ;

The reason was simple: sex. Ishida was married and both of them knew very well that it was not a future relationship but wild sex.

And the sex was so wild that instead of spending one night in a hotel, they stayed there for four days. They barely had time to eat, such was the shock. They even refused staff to come and clean. They were too busy making love.

But unfortunately, the passion proved fatal for Ishida.

Ishida and Abe had met two months earlier when Ishida hired Abe as a waitress at his restaurant. It was Abe’s first time working a “regular” job, but her parents forced her to work as a geisha as punishment for having had many boyfriends and a busy love life in her youth.

Abe had never known how to work as a geisha and turned to prostitution, which was legal in Japan as long as the person registered as such. But after repeatedly robbing clients, she lost her license and later moved to an illegally run brothel. When the police raided, arrested the operators, and shut down the business, Abe decided to quit the prostitution business once and for all.

Love knocked on the door unexpectedly

And so began the acquaintance of Sada Abe and Kichizo Ishida. Ishida was very sexually attracted to Abe, but Abe in turn fell in love with Ishida.

After his stay at the hotel, Ishida returned home to his wife and children. Abe was mad with rage and jealousy and began drinking heavily for the next few weeks.

In May, she bought a large steak knife, took it to Abe’s restaurant and threatened to kill him if he didn’t leave his wife and have a relationship with her.

Abe didn’t take her seriously and just laughed.

Ishida and Abe picked up their sexual relationship right where it left off, and strange as it may seem, the steak knife became part of their love games. For example, Abe had the nerve to put the knife on Ishida’s genitals and threaten to cut them off, but he didn’t agree.

Ishida didn’t take Abe seriously, finding the threat erotic and provocative.

Ishida had developed a taste for more dangerous sex and began asking Abe to strangle her while they had sex. Ishida enjoyed it a lot, and after a few days of sex, which was mentioned at the beginning of the article, he asked Abe to take it harder, joking that he risked dying when he had sex with She.

But Abe wasn’t kidding. She had made up her mind and two days later, Ishida was found dead in a hotel room bed, strangled to death by Abe.

Felt like a heavy load had been lifted

I felt good after killing Ishida, Abe later told police. It was like a heavy weight was lifted from me and I saw everything so clearly for the first time.

Of course, the couple had the knife with them, and Abe used it to cut off Ishida’s genitals and carefully wrapped them in cardboard. She used her blood to write on her thigh with her finger and it said; We, Sada and Ishida, are one.

She then carved her name on her arm and walked out of the hotel. With the genitals in a bag.

The body was quickly found and the story has already leaked to the media. Everyone knew Abe was the killer and a massive manhunt began for her. The police received a number of tips from all over Japan about Abe’s whereabouts, but none turned out to be correct.

But Abe wasn’t hiding. She was in Tokyo where she went to the movies and went shopping as if nothing had happened. On May 20, four days after the murder, she checked into a hotel under a false name and began writing goodbye letters to friends and family. Abe had decided to kill himself by jumping off a cliff on the outskirts of Tokyo.

I couldn’t imagine another woman using it

But she wanted to enjoy Ishida one more time before saying goodbye to this world. So she carefully removed the paper from the outside of Ishida’s genitals and tried several times to insert it into her vagina before giving up, irritated and angry.

The police had then reached Abe’s home. When they knocked on her hotel room door, she politely invited the police in and showed them Ishida’s private parts.

When asked why she killed Ishida, Abe replied that she loved it so much she couldn’t imagine another woman using it. As long as he was alive, other women could take advantage of him. But if I killed him, I knew no woman could ever touch him again

There has been a lot of media coverage surrounding the trial. Abe herself asked to be executed, but she was sentenced to just six years in prison and released after five years.

Sada Abe tried to keep a low profile after her release from prison, but people’s interest in her has not waned. So she decided to capitalize on her fame, gave interviews and wrote her autobiography, which was later turned into a movie.

Mysterious disappearance

But eventually she had enough and returned to serving tables in restaurants, and for the next 20 years Abe was a model employee.

But one day in 1970, Abe didn’t show up for work. She turned out not to be at home and has never been seen or heard from since.

There are various theories about what happened to Abe. Some say she entered a monastery, while others say she died.

As for Ishida’s genitals, they were handed over to the University of Tokyo Medical School after Abe’s arrest.

But they disappeared at some point during the turbulent times of World War II and, like Abe, were never found.

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