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Monday, March 27, 2023

Qatar: The start of the Asian Snooker Championship

Today, the first three Asian championships for snooker and English billiards, organized by the Qatar Billiards and Snooker Federation, will start today, simultaneously, until the nineteenth of this March, with the participation of the most prominent 80 male and female players on the continent, representing 26 countries. Qatar will host three continental championships in snooker and billiards during the coming period. England, the first of which is the Asian Men’s Snooker Championship from March 11 to 16, followed by the Asian Women’s Snooker Championship and the English Billiards Championship at the same time from the 15th to the 19th of the same month. Al-Obaidli, Bashar Hussein, Ali Al-Obaidli and Issa Al-Qubaisi, and the national team players prepared strongly for the continental championship competitions, through an indoor camp at the federation’s headquarters in the morning and evening periods. For the tournaments organized by Doha, so that the players get used to the atmosphere of the competitions, as well as to the tables on which the tournaments will be held. for matches. According to the tournament system, the participating players are divided into groups through a public lottery attended by all delegations, where the group matches are held in the form of a one-round league, and then the first and second from each group advance to the second round, which is held by the knockout system directly until the final match, and decided The Organizing Committee for this year’s tournament will hold competitions at the federation’s headquarters, unlike the previous tournament that was held in the Messila resort, which will provide a good environment for successfully holding competitions, especially in light of the federation’s proximity to the accommodation hotels designated for delegations, and yesterday evening the arrival of all the delegations participating in the The Asian Championship, pending the deadlines for the confrontations that will start today, which will be announced by the AFC at a later time. Corona emerging (Covid-19), and it is scheduled that Doha will host, in conjunction with the Asian Men’s Snooker Championship, both the Asian Women’s Snooker Championships, the Asian English Billiards Championship, during The period from the 14th to the 19th of March.

Mubarak Al-Khayarin: We are ready for the tournament Mubarak Al-Khayarin, President of the International Snooker Federation, expressed his complete satisfaction with all the equipment of the Qatar Federation to host the three Asian championships for men and women and the English billiards. It is hosted by Doha, pointing out that Qatar has hosted many international and Asian championships during the recent period, whether in terms of snooker or billiards. He added that the draw for the Asian Championship, whose competitions will start today, is expected to be balanced, as the best top runners-up were approved at the top of the groups in order to give everyone the opportunity to present their best during this tournament and enhance the spirit of competition on the podium. Qatar Billiards and Snooker, that the Qatar national team, which is participating with six players, will compete in strong competitions in the presence of the most prominent world classifiers, and is expected to present high levels that qualify them for the advanced roles. The Executive Director of the Qatar Federation stressed that the goal of Qatar organizing these tournaments is not just to host a sporting event, but also to prepare young Qatari administrative cadres, which is the policy that the federation has been following for some time in order to give opportunities in such tournaments to Qatari youth to gain organization and management experience, especially in The availability of administrative cadres remained at the highest level, and it is noteworthy that Qatar had previously hosted the Asian Championships for singles during the years 2017 and 2021, and it also hosted the Asian Championship for national teams in 2018.


Ali Al-Obaidly: A great technical level. Ali Al-Obaidly, a Burgundy snooker player, said that participating in the Asian Snooker Championship is a good thing, given that this tournament includes the best players at the global level, not just Asian ones. A participation that is at the level of aspirations at the Asian level, and he said that hosting the tournament in Doha is a wonderful thing for the national team players who seek to present their best and why not play advanced roles, even if the task is not easy. Regarding the return of the Chinese players to participate in the Asian Championship after a 3-year interruption due to the pandemic, he said that the Chinese players are considered among the best players at the Asian and global levels, and their participation in the tournament will raise the level of competition and increase the strength and excitement of the tournament, indicating that the Qatar Billiards and Snooker Federation has provided everything. To Al Annabi players for brilliance, as well as to the delegations participating in the tournament.

Yaqoub Fakhro: We expect strong competitions Yaqoub Fakhro, Director of the Asian Snooker Championship, confirmed that he expects strong competitions in the tournament in light of the participation of the most prominent players ranked at the global level, in addition to the return of Chinese players to participate in the tournament for the first time since their departure due to the Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic. They will raise the level of the championship a lot because they have great experience, and he said that the Qatari team is participating in the Asian Championship competitions with six players: Ali Al-Obaidli, Muhanna Al-Obaidli, Khamis Al-Obaidly, Bashar Hussein, Muhammad Al-Binali, and Issa Al-Qubaisi, and he said we are waiting for a good participation from our players in view of the good level What the players have reached, as well as the preparations they have made during the last period. Regarding the arrival of the delegations participating in the tournament, he replied: All the tournament committees play their role perfectly in preparing and facilitating all procedures for the participating delegations, and he said that the contract for the participating teams from 26 countries has been completed, and a hotel has been allocated. "Dusit Doha" For all delegations, we were keen to provide comfort for all participants.

Al Obaidli faces Filipino Barbero It is expected that Al Annabi’s participation in the Asian Championship will begin with strong confrontations on the first day, and Bashar Hussein will play his first match today with the Nepali Milan Lama, and Ali Al Obaidli will face the Filipino Alvin Barbero in the first meeting, while he will play his second match with Emirati Abdullah Al Attar. It is expected that Al-Annabi will continue to participate in the second day of the tournament, with the participation of the other quartet, led by Muhanna Al-Obaidly, Khamis Al-Obaidly, Muhammad Al-Binali and Issa Al-Qubaisi.


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